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Top of the WIP Heap, Yarn Giveaway featuring Indie Dyer Nanette Wake Studio & Universal Yarn Bamboo Pop

After unpacking from our move, I found several unfinished WIPs and gathered them into a heap which I later organized and loaded into my Neamoy bag. I was all set then my daughter returned my red sleeveless mock neck sweater slightly shrunken and covered in lint. It literally looked like a cocoon. Coincidentally, Universal Yarn had a sale so I purchased Universal Yarn Bella Cash in the color apple to replace it. It now sits on top of the WIP heap. I’m not thrilled to share my list of WIPs, but I am hoping that you hold me accountable and encourage me to finish them.


  1. Faded Blush Shawl by Expression Fiber Arts for Summer of Romance CAL hosted by Crochet Cakes and Crochet Luna. Yarns: Paper Crane Studio and Beachy Breeze Fiber Co
  2. Pumpkin Cheesecake Blanket – Lion Brand Pound of Love and Hobby Lobby Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Cotton Solid
  3. Cinnamon Swirl Stole by Universal Yarns -12 Days of Winter Kit Day 5
  4. Just Yarn Basic Beanie
  5. Ragland Sweater (freestye) with Swish WeCrochet
  6. Poncho Pattern by All Crafts Channel- Premier Cotton Sprout
  7. Chasing Summer Tank into sundress, Cascade Ultra Pima cotton
  8. Cascade Tangier Yarn – Boho Daydream Cardigan
  9. Sleeveless Mock Neck Sweater (freestyle)- Universal Yarns Bella Cash

My crafting goal for the remainder of the year is to FINISH all the WIPs. Also, while I really enjoy and encourage others to join in a good CAL/ MAL, I will only participate in those that allow me to finish the WIPs I currently have with the exception of Socktober which starts October 1st.

Giveaway – Nanette Wake Studio & Bamboo Pop

Included in this giveaway is one 5-piece mini skein set from my favorite indie-dyer Nannette Wake Studio in the colorway Tahitian summer 100% Superwash merino (cashmere feel), and 2 balls of summer-friendly Bamboo Pop 50% bamboo and 50% cotton.

Giveaway Rules:

  1. Subscribe/Follow blog and answer in the comments below “What is your favorite flavor of ice cream”?
  2. Last Day to Enter August 30th – Winner will be announced August 31st
  3. Participants must be 18+ and US residents.
  4. Extra entry if you subscribe and leave a comment on YouTube answering, “What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?” (Like, Share, Subscribe)

**All items were purchased with my own money and not in association with any social media, company, or brand. Participants must be 18+ and US residents.

Other Recommendations & Tools

Tools: Denise Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hooks

Blog: Unraveled Mitten Blog

Hook A Frog

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Chasing Summer Tank with Pima Cotton- One just isn’t enough

Have you been purchasing or stash-diving for cotton, bamboo, and silk yarns this summer? I definitely have especially Pima cotton. It’s truly my favorite type of cotton, but I’ve noticed that not all brands have the same quality of Pima that I experienced while tasting Knit Crate’s Pima cotton for the first time.

I’ve enjoyed working with cotton yarns like the Ultra Pima cotton from Cascade Yarns (pictured on the left) and Hobby Lobby Sugarwheel Cotton Solids. They both created an unbelievably light fabric compared to dk wools- exactly what I need in the Alabama heat.

These yarns were perfect for Janine Myska’s Chasing Summer Tank recipe pattern (a free pattern on her blog or purchase ad-free on Etsy). I couldn’t be happier with my pattern choice for the Knit Crate Pima cotton yarn I’d been hoarding for years.

I plan to explore more light weight yarns for summer crocheting and highly recommend this easy-to-follow pattern. You may or may not see one of the tanks transformed into a summer dress in the future.

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Summer of Romance CAL – Happy Mail from Queens Yarn Boutique

Marquita Makes YouTube Vlog Episode – Summer of Romance CAL and Happy Mail

The Summer of Romance CAL has been hosted the past 5 years by Claudia of Crochet Luna and Clarisabeth of Crochet Cakes (hyperlinks include Part 1 & 2 videos of the 2022 Summer of Romance CAL intro). I’m excited about this CAL (Crochet-A-Long) because it is open to all fiber artists, two months long, and gives me another reason to make another Star Wars inspired garment. I haven’t figured out what I will make with my beautiful Queens Yarn Boutique yarn but it is gorgeous! I feel so fortunate to have such good yarnie friends.

Chandi of Expression Fiber Arts Modeling the Faded Blush Shawl by Johanna Huck

This year one of the rules (and there are very few) is to choose a historical couple that inspires your work. I chose Padme and Anakin, because technically in the SW Galaxy they are a historical couple and Clarisabeth confirmed this during her interview with WeCrochet on June 8th, 2022.

I will be using yarns from Paper Crane Yarns and Beachy Breezy Fibers and pattern by the Faded Blush crochet pattern by Johannah Huck via Expression Fiber Arts.

Not long ago I was reflecting on my yarn stash (it’s so out of control!), stich markers, bags, and other notions- it hit me. I’m a nerd. Now you may read this and say ” Well, yeah duh,” but truly I’d never made the connection and never identified with nerdom. I’m serious. It wasn’t until I found myself searching Esty for 2 days for a Fifth Element notion pouch and just happened to look up at my yarn stash did I ask myself “Why do I need this and how can I reason paying $15 for a pouch just to holds crochet hooks”. Yep, I’m a nerd, but I don’t think I will ever truly see myself a NERD. No matter how high the pile of stickers and stationery get or the number of stickers covering my laptop – I will never really believe that I’m a NERD.

I mean I’m just Marquita. Yes, I like nerdy things, but do I really identify with the nerd community? That sounds a lot like denial doesn’t it. So, I guess the conversation with a complete stranger this week at the library on yarn weights, designers, and stitches was NERD talk? Could it be that I just don’t want to put myself in a box? I don’t know but as soon as I figure it out, I will let you know.

Yarns for the Summer Romance CAL – Paper Cran Yarns and Beachy Breeze Fibers

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Craft with Me – Making Mushroom Stitch Markers – Not a Tutorial

(Video) Join me with some relaxing music during a craft session while I work on a few stitch markers.

The brown and red mushrooms, beads, and pins were purchased at JoAnn. The yellow stitch markers were purchased on Etsy. I enjoy making jewelry and stitch markers just as much as I enjoy crochet. Do you have other hobbies aside from the fiber arts? Although I could crochet all day everyday if time allowed, I find it refreshing to put the hook down from time to time and pick up other tools to get a fresh take on ART.

Also, I’ve noticed that when I am looking for inspiration online the search can have the opposite affect on my artistic motivation. I personally have found myself scrolling through Instagram or on the web for inspiration but at the end of the search I feel discouraged and somewhat defeated because I begin to compare my skills or work to another artist.

So, I decided to do something about it. Recently, I made the decision to enter a different mental space before starting a project. I am determined to be more conscious about my intentions in all my artwork (crochet and beyond). So, now when I sit down to craft, I do just that- I sit down and go with the flow. No plans, no palettes, no templates- PURE and SPONTANEOUS Design Joy!

Have you found that your results are more appealing when you freestyle? I’d like to hear any tips you have for inspiration in the comments.

Glass blown mushroom charm stich markers

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May the Fourth Be With You – The Grogu Green Cardigan is COMPLETE!

Sweater Construction for Grogu Green Cardigan

I kept the design of the Grogu Green Cardigan very simple because I needed a mindless stitch to relax after working long days for my new job. My yarn of choice for this project was Cascade Heritage (7 hanks size large) from Thread Fabric in the colorway green tea. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted a Spring green cardigan. Since I was never able to find a commercial made green cardigan, I decided a few years ago that I would make my own. Cascade Heritage is 70% pima cotton and 30% linen. It’s very soft, smooth, and has a tight enough spin to give it great stitch definition. Have you ever noticed that some blends of cotton and acrylic or cotton and bamboo have almost a thick and thin resemblance in texture? Well, this blend does not, the strands are very even with rich color no lumps or bumps.

Now, let’s talk about the design. 1 back panel, 2 front panels, 2 sleeves – double crochet worked from the bottom up in a horizontal pattern. I made a chain extending from hip to hip for the back panel, hip to belly button for each side panel, and the length of my shoulder to wrist for the sleeves. That’s it! It’s perfect! If I can find Grogu buttons I will definitely add them. I’ve been thinking of reaching out to DK Graham to make Grogu wood buttons as a custom order.

The only unanticipated adjustment I had to make was using the single crochet to decrease the width near the wrist and adding a few more rows to increase the circumference around my triceps/shoulder area. I love the way it turned out. I seamed my garment inside out and used stitch markers determine where the seams would begin and end for opening for the arms. I had to omit the border and pockets because there wasn’t enough yarn. I was very fortunate to have enough to finish the body and sleeves. Also, my sleeves are a bit longer than I projected but perfect to hiding my finders from the frosty cold air toward the end of Fall. It appears all hanks were from the same dye lot- BONUS! I opted out of the surface crochet as well. I think I will apply that method to my next cardigan.

The linen and pima cotton blend lends to the light weight of the cardigan and while it will protect me from the Arctic blast of the AC yet inside, it will also keep me cool on warmer weather days outside.

Once again, I couldn’t be more pleased! The double crochet is a very relaxing stitch and the cardigan worked up in less than a month. I would like to make duster with this same construction, but probably add lace at the bottom. What do you think?

I hope you had fun on Star Wars Day!

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Wearing my Grogu green cardigan and holding a Grogu inspired amigarumi toy

Progress on the Grogu Green Cardigan and Trip to Thread Fabric

Knotty Crush Crochet Vlog Episode on YouTube –

Cascade Hampton Yarn for May the Fourth Be With You – Grogu Green Cardigan & Tank Top

My first yarn tasting of linen and cotton yarns left well a bad taste in my mouth. I had picked up a cake of commercial cotton yarn from JoAnn Fabrics and as I attempted to give it a squish, I turned my nose up and thought “Nope, I’ll never work with this hard mess”. I make garments and after this first encounter, I assumed all cotton would feel like a dish rag. I don’t want to wear dish rags.

I’m so glad that I

continued to explore new brands and fibers. In 2020, I noticed that Lion Brand carried a 100% organic cotton marketed for “baby yarns”. So, again, I went to my local JoAnn Fabric store and after the first touch I made my first adult size t-shirt. It’s still soft with excellent stitch definition and structure as the first day I wore. I even gave it a spin in the washer and dried it on low- it’s shape held up, it shrank a little, but still looks GREAT.

Thank goodness for growth and Instagram, because cotton has now become my go to for garments especially in warmer months in here Alabama. Since then, I’ve had good experiences with cotton at my LYS (local yarn store) and learned that each brand provided a different taste, texture, and structure of cotton. Brands like Cascade have more than just 100% cotton yarns but carry lines of linen/cotton, cotton/acrylic, and Pima cotton blends. Every year, I look forward to the next release of spring/summer yarns and am even more impressed when the dye is deeper, brighter, or speckled like the ones you find at Universal Yarns.

Grogu Green Cardigan Update:

Needless to say, I have been enjoying the feel and texture while working with Cascade Hampton in the color green tea for my Grogu Green cardigan. Looking at the calendar with two sleeves left to construct before seaming, I know I have to kick it in gear because there are only have 2 weeks left to finish in time for May the Fourth Be With You. Are you a Star Wars fan too? What project will you be working on this year?

I will probably have to burn the midnight oil to get it done, and that may even cause me to put the finishing touches of surface crochet and pockets on at a later time. Also, I’m still on the search for Grogu buttons. I have been able to find pins on Etsy and Ebay. So, I may have to settle for a pin instead.

In Conclusion:

I always want my crafting experience to be pleasure. Crochet is a hobby and helps me to relax and de-stress. I don’t want the experience of crafting to be anything but relaxing. That’s not to say that I won’t change myself, but definitely not do so when I’m on a timeline.

So, I’ve had to made adjustments from the goals I set this year. Re-examine my priorities and accept I can’t make all the things. The plus side is that when I accept my limitations (attention, monetary, time restraints), I am able to engage in the current project giving it my full attention and can we very creative with the resources I have on hand. That makes me even more proud of my work.

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The Pink Elephant Sweater: WeCrochet Snuggle Puff Yarn

Snuggle Puff Yarn aka Fluffy Cloud Yarn

I wanted to wait until I experienced wearing Snuggle Puff as a garment quite a few times in warmer weather (pre-wash) before sharing my final thoughts on this fluffy cloud-like yarn from WeCrochet.

Knotty Crush Pink Elephant Sweater made with WeCrochet Snuggle Puff Yarn

Initially when I opened the package and pulled out the yarn (colorway Puffling), I was a bit shocked that it was a popular yarn. Snuggle Puff as little to no structure/ twist before working with it but after a few stitches you notice instantly that its stitch definition is superb! So, before we go any further, I will say that Snuggle Puff is one of my favorite yarns to date, but it probably won’t be love at first sight for you either. Why do I like it so much?

  1. Softness – it’s ridiculously soft
  2. Deep dye saturation
  3. Light as a feather
  4. No overheating
  5. Works up as a DK weight

All of the above were exactly what I was looking for my Spring Sweater project. We are having a true Spring here in Alabama (as opposed to the fake Summer we typically experience at this time of year). So, I wanted a breathable fabric that still offered some warmth (that’s where the 30% nylon comes in) that was light weight and non-wool fiber. With these details, Snuggle Puff is perfect for sweaters.

My One and Only Complaint:

There was so much lint

It was everywhere- especially on black pants. So, this encouraged me to follow the care instructions and wash my sweater in the washing machine and dry on low. Now you know that was one tough decision to make. One does not simply toss hours/days of work into the washer and dry without knowing the outcome. Thankfully, it was a success! My sweater looks great and while I still have mixed feelings about the loose spin that gives the yarn a sort of tattered look, my Pink Elephant Sweater did not lose its integrity. There was no shrinkage and it seemed to even lessen the shedding. I gave it a nice Gleening to remove excess fiber and it looked just as good as it did before the wash.

In Conclsion:

I love Snuggle Puff and recommend that everyone give it a try, but not for fabrics that will be subject to a lot of agitation or be roughly worn like bottoms/pants. I know you’ll be so please with the stitch definition, color saturation, and softness. Those alone are enough for me to keep some in my stash, but I will be waiting on the next sale before I purchase more (a whole lot more).

Thanks for Viewing!!

My Sweater Recipe:

First, I measured a chain from hip to hip for the front and back panels and simply worked a double crochet into each stitch until the end of the row. Second, I chain 1 to start the next row, then turned and inserted 1 DC into the back loop of each st of the 2nd row. Third, I repeated this pattern until I had the desired length that I wanted. I made the back panel a little longer than the front to cover my rump, and it turned out perfectly. Fourth, I seamed the front and back panel leaving a hole for the head. Then seamed up the sides leaving room for a split at the bottom and arm holes. Lastly, I attached the yarn at the arm holes and worked DC in the round alternating some rows working in the back loop until I reached the length I wanted. Then, I decreased in the second to last row 2DC2together ever8 stitches and in the last row 1 DC into each stitch.


May the 4th Be With You & Future Crochet Pattern

May the 4th Be With You – Grogu Green Cardigan

I’ve always wanted to own a cardigan with all the Spring feels. So, when I found hanks of Cascade Hampton at my local yarn store, Thread Fabric, I purchased a sweater quantity worth (every hank available) and stashed it for a Spring project. Hampton is a luxurious blend of 70% Pima Cotton (my favorite!) and 30% Linen. With 273 yards per hank, I assume it’s a DK weight. I can only imagine how oober soft the fabric will feel after every wash. When deciding on the pattern, I really didn’t have any particular design in mind for this cardigan. I knew right off that I wanted a very basic cardigan because I don’t care for lace (open work) or raised stitches on garments. So, I will be making this cardigan with one panel for the back (creating a chain measured from hip to hip) and two panels on each side in the front with sleeves worked in the round after seaming. There may be a boarder in the front but all stitches will be Double Crochet.

Why so simply, so plain? Well, I chose double crochet to achieve more drape because single crochet is stiffer. I have always preferred cardigans to be the backdrop to the rest of the attire. But after I had more time to work with the material and building myself up to be a bit more adventurous, I decided to add small accents of embroidery to the crochet fabric using the method of surface crochet (click on the hyperlink for a demonstration by Moara Crochet). For a Spring garment, it appeals to me much more than using front and back post for a raised look. While I typically enjoy the thickness and the bulkiness of crochet fabric, it is not the look I want for the Grogru Green Spring Cardigan. In this case, I would prefer it to have a light and airy look complementing the freshness and newness of Spring. So, I hope to share the progress of adding the surface crochet in later episodes when the cardigan is completed.

Also featured in the video:

Paper Crane Yarns: Mandolorian Notions Bag

Crochet Luna: Pin – May the 4th Be with you

Pin Dreams: Enamel Pin – This Is The Way

Youtube Subscriber Giveaway: Misfit Yarns & More

Just Feel Cozy Wrap

Caliesha’s Just Feel Cozy Wrap to the right is so gorgeous

I on the other hand have had a few hiccups starting the Just Feel Cozy Wrap . I’m confused on the repeat instructions and will share more about its progress later but here are the yarns that I have chosen for the project:

Quirky Monday Craft Cast

Quirky Monday Instagram

Nannette Wake Studio – Thankful mini skein set

Victoria House Fibers: Vintage Bouquet Mini Set & Corals

Lady Daye Yarns – Up to No Good Kit and A Different World Club

Vintage Cat Creations: Project Bag


I will be not double dipping but triple dipping in MALs this Spring. I generally accept the challenge based on 2 primary components: #1 I can use stash yarn #2 It will end no less than 2 months. I am excited to participate in the following MALs and CALs and be using the hashtags to connect on all social media:

M1Yarns – #TeeOffSpringMAL Ends June 21st 2022

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn – #ArchiveKCAL2022 Ends May 31st

The Cozy Cottage Cochet – #Loveyourstashcal Ends March 31st

Knitting vs. Crochet

How do I feel about Crochet? I LOVE IT! How do I feel about Knitting? I don’t Love it, but knitted fabric is pretty. With that being said, I don’t anticipate sharing much of my personal knitting pursuits on the blog or vlog this year. Knitting has not been enjoyable for me, and I assumed it was because I was doing it wrong. It turns out that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I simply don’t care for knitting at this time in my life because it hurts my hands. I have adjusted how I hold the needles using several techniques and I simply don’t enjoy it. It has been hard for me to admit that to myself and out loud, but why should I shrink back in telling the truth. I may pick it back up one day, but as of now I don’t plan on picking up needles any time soon. As a matter of fact, I will probably be selling my knitting needles on Mercari along with other yarn I have for sale. Of course I will continue to enjoy viewing lovely creations by my knitting friends and on social media, but as for me I’ll be sticking to my hooks.

Future Project: Lost in Time Shawl

Gorgeous Lost in Time Shawl by Dawn B Stew

I have been wanting to make the Lost in Time Shawl for quite some time especially after seeing Dawn B Stew’s use of vibrant colors in her Color Pop version. It’s so ME!!! I have a few yarns in mind, but they are variegated yarns. Have you made this pattern? I would love to know if you used variegated yarns or solids?

Dawn B Stew in her Color Pop Lost in Time Shawl

In Conclusion:

I set a poll on for Youtube subscribers to vote on the type of content they would like to see on my channel. I was shocked that many preferred weekly content and there seemed to be an equal about that prefer both podcast and vlog style. So, I will be giving a mix of both on future videos. If you voted thank you so much! I am so excited to start new Spring projects and equally thrilled to see others beginning to pick up lighter weight yarns from their stash as well. Please feel free to leave comments and links below with projects you too are inspired by and I will see you soon in the next video!

Thanks for VIEWING!


Prelude to Spring: Purl Soho Granny Stitch Scarf & Orlando Fiber Company

Orlando Fiber Company: 12 Days of Yarn Advent

While the day of filming the big reveal wasn’t favorable in terms of weather, it didn’t damper my enthusiasm of sharing how much fun went into making the Purl Soho Granny Stitch Scarf with my advent calendar from Orlando Fiber Company. More than anything, I enjoyed the daily conversations with crafty friends about the color and textures of this luxury advent box.

I purchased this 12 Days of Yarn Advent box from OFC during Black Friday season of 2021. I asked the owner if she could curate the box for the occasion of the upcoming Spring season of 2022. There was an option to select tonals, speckles, or both. I chose both and asked that there be no solid navy blue or dark purple. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect advent calendar. Not only was it super fun to open a surprise mini skein in its own uniquely packaged box each day, but each one was a beautiful Spring-timey color, soft, and squishy. The pattern, Purl Soho Granny Stripe Scarf, was very simple but I knew it would showcase the texture and speckles in this love yarn. If you missed it, the link to the free pattern is listed in the opening paragraph.

I am very impressed at the richness of color and penetration of the dye achieved by Courtney, indie dyer and owner of Orlando Fiber Company. When purchasing yarn online, I have been disappointed on occasion from indie dyers wherein the colors were vibrant in the photo but arrived muted. I have to admit that even the muted tones form other dyers were very pretty, they were not what I anticipated receiving and through off my plans for designs. Why is rich color so important to me?

Dye Deeper – A Sign of an Excellent Dyer

While I have not been brave enough to venture into dyeing yarn, I have learned from speaking to indie dyers (sliding into their DMs on Instagram to ask questions) that achieving a saturated color while not burning the yarn so that it stays pillowy soft is not just a technique but a talent. I applaud Courtney and many others who are able to be successful at this art because their success grew from making lots of errors, sacrificing hours and days of their time, exercising patience, and in some cases losing a good bit of money to get it just right. I have so much gratitude for their skill because it allows my eyes and hands to indulge and experience exquisite yarn tastings and hours of sensory pleasure which contributes to my creativity and fulfillment in expresses myself through art to the world. Yep, it goes that deep with me. I LOVE the fiber arts and the quality of my tools, yarn, and time are sacred to me.

So, more specifically, I have come to acknowledge that the more saturated or deeper the dye the longer the preservation of my original work is extended. Observing the dye fade in a project can lead one to reflect on how much love the piece has been shown, but I have a greater appreciation for quality yarns when they hold up after several washes. This ultimately results in me returning time and time again to purchase those materials from the same vendor. I look forward to purchasing more of the same or new materials and continuing to invest in the small business. When talking yarn, the deeper the dye the bigger my smile and OFC had me cheesing like the Cheshire Cat.

In Conclusion

Will there be more advent boxes in the future? I’ve definitely got to do it again. Many of our YouTube subscribers have suggested that yarn advents should become a THING on the Marquita Makes – Knotty Crush YouTube channel. Do we have you vote too? Which advent calendar has caught your eye?

Thanks for viewing and please share your thoughts in the comments below.


Prelude to Spring: 12 Days of Yarn Advent Calendar – Orlando Fiber Co

YouTube video: Prelude to Spring – 12 Days of Yarn

Orlando Fiber Company: Custom Advent Calendar for Any Occasion

I promise I didn’t peek, but I had my daughter to peek for me in the months prior to Spring. I’d been waiting since the end of November to open my custom advent box curated by Pam Carlson of the Orlando Fiber Company. This Etsy seller hand dyes lovely tonals and speckled yarns in full skeins to adorable mini sets. Why did I choose OFC among so many? #1 The PRICE – My mother had gifted me a few dollars in the Fall and I snagged this box at a great deal during Black Friday and to make it even better the shipping was FREE- FYI it’s always FREE. #2 Courtney works with a blend of 80% super wash merino and 20% nylon. So, these lovely hanks are so soft and strong enough for socks and sweaters to hold up to some washes and wear. I appreciate the popular 75/25 super wash nylon blend but I enjoy working with softer and more luxe yarns so much more than a workhorse yarn.

Those two things were enough to seal the deal, but what impressed me more than anything was when I reached out to the owner and told her that I loved color but didn’t particularly care for blue solids and had no problem with my request. Now, I was more than excited to try this new yarn. So, I impatiently waited until now to unbox my first little box of yarn joy and share it with you.

Tell me, what do you think? Have you purchased and worked with yarn from an advent calendar? What patterns did you use with your minis? Did the color choices bring you joy?

Me wearing my first crochet sweater before the start of the pandemic

In the YouTube episode above, I do go into more detail about my first crochet sweater which was finished right before the pandemic. I couldn’t find the video tutorial, but it’s a simple top-down Ragland sweater. Needlesstosay, it is the most meaningful piece in my handmade wardrobe. Have you had the same experience during the pandemic- making an unforgettable piece that you associate with the pandemic? Oddly enough, it doesn’t make me feel said, but warm and grateful to have been able to complete it and enjoy it even today.

Thanks for Viewing!


Lady Dye Yarns: The Fifth Element Club & Subscriber GIVEAWAY

The Fifth Element Club Contents:

My favorite items from the whole collection are the adorable Multipass key chain and yarn. I have been enamored with the look of Lady Sheep (Foxy Sheep) from the start and look for her to be stamped on everything from Lady Dye Yarns. I have to give it up to the artist that designed her. She’s so sassy and full of life and culture despite the minimalism of her sketch. That’s true talent.

The size of the project too was very impressive as well as the design on the cover. I am partial to larger project bags because I typically work on sweaters and wraps so I was very happy with the backpack size dimensions of this bag. I was also impressed with the creativity of the charm bracelet for the stitch marker and the temporary tattoos with the element emblems. I have actually been using rings from the dollar store to hold my stitch markers, but the bracelet is way cuter! There was so much thought that went into this club. I have never been disappointed with anything I’ve received from Lady Dye Yarns. I have enjoyed all the teas and coffee from previous purchases. Each item included in the clubs/kits even mystery bags hold their own as well as bring lots of beauty and uniqueness to the experience. Have you purchased from LDY? Do you have a favorite yarn or notion? Please share in the comments below.

Overview: The Fifth Element Movie (1997)

The Fifth Element is in my TOP 5 favorite movies of all times. It stars Bruce Willis, Mila Jovovich, Chris Tucker, and Gary Oldman. If you haven’t had the thrill of viewing this sci-fi action comedy with a little romance tossed in, then you may want to que this one for your next movie night. The plot has a futuristic apocalypse style starring a down-on-his-luck rogue soldier (Bruce Willis aka Meat Popsicle) hired to save the world by protecting the Fifth Element – supreme being and combat trained LeeLoo (Mila Jovovich) who has been awaked from hibernation to fulfill her role in preserving life on Earth. It’s a race against time all the while she has to survive attempts of assassination orchestrated by the greedy power-driven Zorg and his goons hired by Mr. Shadow – a planet size ball of evil. With all this action and gloom and doom, comic relief is essential, and no one could have pulled off the Prince/ Michael Jackson inspired character of Ruby Rhod (fashionable, lover boy, and nerve-wrecked radio host) better than Chris Tucker. His is just as hilarious as he is in the Rush Hour films. There aren’t too many comedians in my opinion that are as great of actors as they are comics. Chris is of the rare few. So, I do hope you enjoy this film as much and I am my family do.

From Star Wars to the Twilight Zone, I have watched popular Sci-Fi and even the worst of Rotten Tomatoes reviews and enjoyed every bit- even Battlefield Earth with John Travolta which most find cringe worthy. Why? First I would like to thank my mother for her love of cinema from classics to thrillers. My mom would always give a movie 20 minutes and determine if the plot, filming, and actors were worth her time. She has always supported the ART of film and the efforts of the crew and cast regardless of the quality. I must have borrowed this mindset from her, and it’s the reason I can enjoy so many films of various genres and budgets to this day. Now don’t get me wrong, I will call a B movie a B movie, but I’m less likely to criticism the obvious lack of budget for special effects and car chase scenes if the script is written well and the actors are GOOD- so good that you don’t notice where the filming is lacking.

Pink Elephant Pullover: WeCrochet Snuggle Puff Yarn

I’ve come a long way since this photo

In the YouTube episode you see so much more of my work. I’ve made it to sleeve island and I switched up the pattern so that I don’t get stuck there. In the picture to the right you see my lovely clover hook not long before I lost it. It always seems like such a great idea to work on your project in the pick up line at school when waiting on your children to be dismissed, but that seems to be the time where I lose most of my hooks. I do hope that I find it, but in the meantime my Furls has been doing a great job. It seems that the company has a new mold that has given the neck of the hook the same circumference for a longer length than before and I am loving it! My stitches are not as loose and I no longer have to go down a size for my garments. I’m looking forward to more improvements with Furls. They’re such an excellent company.


  • Subscribers please see video for giveaway contents, how to enter, and rules
  • Giveaway is NOT sponsored by YouTube, WordPress or any other social media
  • Open to US residents and International subscribers
  • Must be 18 years or older

Items include Monarchy Thread stitch markers, Lady Dye Yarn Whistledown Suri Alpaca Fingering Yarn, and Universal Yarns Bamboo Pop – All Purchased With My Own Money


Grogu and My Visit to Paper Crane Yarns Studio in Calera, Alabama

Paper Crane Yarns Studio

Technically the business name doesn’t have studio included, but when I walked into the Paper Crane Yarn store in Calera, AL it had all the vibes of a well established art studio. I just knew I would find a pottery wheel and fresh clay in one of the corners. I felt right at home. I absolutely loved my visit!

Before visiting the brick and mortar location, I had purchased yarn from the Etsy shop after watching the first PCY episode on YouTube. The luxury merino yarn was just as gorgeous in person as it was online, and we all know that sometimes isn’t the case. While shopping in store, I was delighted to find MY COLORS everywhere I turned! While the owner leans more toward cooler hues, she shows us warm color lovers lots of LOVE with various palettes and variegated yarns of gorgeous yellows, corals, reds, and teals. I was in YARN Utopia! There was something for everyone to love. The store carries some familiar brands like Darn Good Yarns alongside her own colorways of luxury blends of alpaca and merino wools as well as other big box brands.

The owner, Ashley Jeffcoat, is a true artist and an extremely talented crafter. She knits, crochets, sews, and I’m pretty sure she paints alongside her equally talented husband. I regret not getting footage of him in action while he painted an adorable lamb on the window outside of the store among the snails and flowers he’d finished. Yes, there was art from the inside out.

Did you catch it in the video? Well, I didn’t notice it until after editing that the geometric shapes on the walls of the studio form paper cranes! How cool is that!! Even the black floors were speckled white completing the ambience of inspiration and adventure of the shop. I do hope you are able to visit her Etsy shop or store and I’m sure you’ll find something that you like from knitting to embroidery. Thanks for viewing & be sure to let me know in the comments below of your experiences with Paper Crane Yarns. In the meantime, I’ll be designing and starting a project for a very special upcoming day using PCY colorways.

Check out Ashley of Paper Crane Yarns social media and Etsy shop below

Paper Crane Yarns YouTube Channel

Paper Crane Yarns Etsy Shop

Paper Crane Yarns Instagram


Yarn Joy from Made by MeMe

Hi Friends! In the video above, I share all the LOVE that went into this big box of yarn joy from fellow YouTube content creator Made by MeMe. Be sure to click on the hyperlink to get to know this beautiful soul. MeMe knits and enjoys crochet. She’s super sweet and funny. I you enjoy her content as well. You can also find her on Instagram.

I still can’t believe I sent such an amazing box of GOODIES! My heart is filled with gratitude and my soul is humbled. I love our maker community so much. Here we gain not only friends, but a new family members!

Thanks for Viewing!


Willie Nillie Knits – Giveaway Winners Announced – YouTube Subscribers Only

Thank Willie for the Beautiful Yarn & Needles

We have to give a big thank you to Willie for sponsoring this awesome giveaway. He is such an amazing dyer, knitter, and family man. This giveaway would not have been possible if it weren’t for Willie. Full disclosure: My funding for giveaways is low. Not long after school started, our family decided that it was best to continue the children in virtual school until they were all vaccinated. So, I was relying on a stash that I had built up over the summer while working a full-time job to continue providing the large, curated boxes of my favorite yarns, teas, and tools. Well, I was reaching the bottom of the giveaway stash when I received a message from Willie himself that he would like to sponsor my next GIVEAWAY! What a blessing!!

Willie provided the beautiful yarns and quality needles you see in the video. That are going to our 2 winners. I was just speechless and filled to the rim with gratitude. So, friends if you haven’t done so already, PLEASE head over to Willie’s YouTube channel and subscribe and follow this kind-hearted crafting friend on Instagram. He is very community and family oriented and so generous. He has so much to offer the fiber community and I hope that we all able to cheer him on in his crafting journey and business pursuits.

Winners, please contact me via email including your full name, address, and yarn choice (first choice goes to the first response). YouTube is no affiliated with this giveaway and the yarn and needles were donated by Willie Nillie Knits and the patterns were purchased by me Marquita Wilson to be forwarded to the winners. Thank you so much for participating! Soon we will have another giveaway. Stay tuned for more.

Unclaimed Prizes

If winner does not contact me in 7 days by Sunday February 13, 2022, there will be a redraw for a new winner.

Willie Nillie Knits Yarn & Knit Picks Knitting Neddles for Giveaway Prizes

Marquita Makes: Breaking the Rule, Knit Collage Yarn, & Yarn Joy from yokieB – Taralah Williams

Marquita Makes – Knotty Crush YouTube vLog

I’m breaking the rules, and not turning back…

That’s always easier to say and do when you’ve created the rules right? If you can recall one of my 2022 goals was to practice monogamous crafting. I set a goal to work only one crochet project at a time. Well, as you can see from the smile on my face. I am much happier breaking this rule and can justify it because I’m doing it for a good cause. Do you remember when I mentioned the scarf in this photo? Over a year ago a friend asked me to make a twin scarf, but the yarn was discontinued. Well, during my window shopping at JoAnn, continuing to stick to my goal of a No Buy Year (yarn only), I noticed that the store had released the same colorways and rebranded the once Big Twist Premium to Big Twist Living. So, it was not selfishness or lack of discipline that led to this yarn purchase. It was PURE and righteous AGAPE LOVE. So, I’m breaking not one but two rules to express love for my friend.

Big Twist Yarn: Living 100% Anti Pilling Acrylic

That’s right. I will be putting aside the Universal Yarns Cinnamon Swirl Stole project to crank out her scarf before winter ends here in Alabama. Is the weather in your town as crazy as it is here in Alabama – 70 degrees one day then 30 degrees with the next with snow then back to 50 degree three days from that? Well, since we’ve had consistent 30-40 degree weather for the past two weeks, I am hoping that I complete her scarf in enough time for her to still enjoy it this winter. I was so thrilled to tell her that I could give her the scarf, and she was equally as happy.

I am housing my yarn in this gorgeous cinch bag

that I purchased during an Instagram Live from PhoebeCustomMade at a great deal. It’s so well made with quality material. I love these colors so much and thought it would be great with spring and even fall projects. If you noticed in the video, the bag is tied with a drawstring and the flap is secured with a Velcro closure. I did purchase two bags and the second one can be viewed in the video.

Yarn Joy from Yokieb- Taralah Williams & Knit Collage Sampler Kit – Ochre Twist

When Taralah of yokieB, a crafting podcast friend, reached out to me to share some stash of Knit Collage yarn I was thrilled! About a week before I received her email, I had purchased KC Ochre Twist sampler bundle and was waiting on it to arrive. I had waited years before relinquishing money to purchase this high quality but pricey fashion yarn. As you can see from the video, I have no regrets at all! I had purchased it during a sitewide sale and with a coupon I received for subscribing to the newsletter. If it weren’t for that, I couldn’t justify spending so much on such a small quantity of yarn. It’s beautiful. They added crochet to the label which was a big plus for me being that it has been an almost exclusively knitting business. My biggest concern was that the yarn although being merino was not super wash and could potentially cause some skin irritation, but this wasn’t the case at all. It feels great and is super soft. Now, with what Taralah has added, I can make a decent sized project that I can be very happy with. Oh, how I love my kind-hearted maker friends! If it weren’t for Taralah, my Knit Collage yarn probably would have sat in my stash very a very long time. Although beautiful in its hank form, I craft with a purpose and hope to create something beautiful with all my materials. I have an idea in mind for this yarn and I can’t wait it with you!

What’s In My Cup:

Tea of India Chai

I mentioned in the video that I had unknowingly hid a box of Tea India Chai from myself. I was so excited when I found it! I have tried several traditional black chais over the years. I’ve tried all the teas you can find in your local grocery stores. My favorite to date are not found locally to me but online. Tea of India is my brand of choice for traditional (black tea) chai, and Beantown Tea Chai Spice Mix is my favorite herbal chai (only uses the spices and no tea leaves).

My love for chai obviously springs from my love of Indian food and curry. It is hands down my favorite cuisine with red lentil dal, dum aloo (potato curry), chole (chickpea curry), and lamb vindaloo being my most favorite dishes. Over the years I’ve learned from friends and best-seller recipe books how to cook homestyle and restaurant style Indian dishes. Do you have a favorite food or cuisine? I love experiencing culture through foods. If you have any favorite dishes, I’d like to try them as well. Just leave your suggestions in the comments below.

CALs & MALs – Double Dipping Is Encouraged


I want to keep my goals for 2022 and stir clear of distractions. I hope to support you in your maker goals and appreciate you supporting me to steer the course for mine as well. I see this little veering off the path in not finishing my first WIP quickly as a time to stop and reflect how to make more realistic goals. All year, I want to feel and see from my work that I am progressing. I am a goal oriented and motivated person. So, this means a lot to me. Well, I will stay honest and true and hope this is one of the very few bumps in the road in my 2022 crafting journey.


Willie Nillie Knits New Yarn Colorways Giveaway – YouTube Subscribers & Made With Love Tag – Made by MeMe

Willie Nillie Knits – Yarn Giveaway

Willie Nillie Knits Yarn Colorways Royal Earth (left) & Oil Spill (Right)

Hi Friends! In support of Willie’s first knit pattern design, I will be purchasing and sending a digital pattern to one US resident winner and one international winner AND Willie has supplied the yarn! I hope you decide to enter the giveaway for these beautiful yarns donated by Willie of Willie Nillie Knits himself. Isn’t he amazing!!

If you like these beautiful colorways, please be sure to show Willie some love and subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow his Instagram– contact him directly on Instagram or Facebook to make a purchase.

Made by MeMe

Also, I was tagged by MeMe of Made by MeMe and in this video I answer 10 fiber related questions. She is a new YouTube content creator and such a sweetheart. I really enjoy her videos (knit and crochet) and hope you do too. So, be sure to check her out on her Instagram as well.


Thank you so much for showing so much love and support to our growing community. I am having a blast getting to know you and sharing our love of crafting. So, please leave comments below on what you’re working on and how I can stay connected to you via social media and share love with my yarnie friends.


Marquita Makes: I Finished My Rundle Socks! Cinnamon Swirl Stole Progress & Current 2022 Make-A-Longs to Join

YouTube – Crochet vlog of my current finished objects and WIPS

Rundle Socks by DeAnne Ramsey

Rundle Socks using Flower Garden Yarns

I am over the moon about my new socks! They are super cozy and as you can see in the video, are made with soft squishy yarn by one of my favorite indie dyers Flower Garden Yarns . Lynn’s colorways are simply irresistible and discovering her shop sprang the development of my fiber FOMO. We all know how bad I have it, but when you check out her shop, I’m sure you’ll be able to sympathize with me. What’s more is that she has even taught her daughter to dye, and she is just as equally talented.

The Rundle Sock pattern was very well written. Any errors I experienced I’m sure were due to my inexperience with pattern reading. With that being said, I did get a bit tripped up at the heel. I frogged it three times, and still my decrease stitches never did not add up with the pattern suggestion. Despite this I was able to complete the pattern with my own modification of the heel. Also, I ran out of the contrasting color at the heel. In the original pattern, I didn’t particularly like the look of the contrast color creeping up so high on the heel. I am much more pleased with just a little contrast at the heel. So, it worked out in my favor, and I love my socks. There was additional instruction to create an invisible seam that was very helpful. So, I will be using it in more patterns and designs in the future.

Universal Yarns: Winter 2021 Cinnamon Swirl Cinnamon Crochet Kit

This kit is not available to purchase online and can only be ordered through your local yarn store.

Why did I decide to splurge on this kit? First, Universal Yarns is my favorite yarn company and yarn from them is a guarantee of good quality yarns that I know it will last for many years. So, when I saw the kit in November, I instantly decided this beautiful piece would be my first intentional handmade present to my whole family. I say intentional because although many of our handmade items are inevitably passed down for generations, we don’t always designate them with that intentional purpose. So, I have shared with my family that after finishing this kit, the stole is to be a gift from me to them and our future family when I am no longer with them. For the many generations to come, I wanted to leave it as an heirloom filled with my passion of fiber arts- wrapping them up in my joy and love.

Also, I appreciated that the 12 Days of Winter collection was not holiday oriented. Anyone was welcome and inspired to make something fun, elegant, and special. We ALL no matter our background and position, look forward to indulging in moments of winter magic- wrapping up in something cozy and enjoying the warming seasonal treats of winter. So, this appeal to unity also moved me to join. Lastly, there were only 2 crochet patterns in the collection. So, I hope my investment this winter along with that of others will encourage the company to release more crochet patterns the coming winter collections.

In case you missed an unboxing of the Cinnamon Swirl Stole begins at 14:32 minutes:

YouTube video including Cinnamon Swirl Stole Unboxing

Current Make-A-Longs

M1Yarns Stash Buster MAL

To help me continue strong with my NO BUY YEAR and work from my yarn stash. I will be participating in M1Yarns Stash Bust Make-A-Long. All fiber crafts are welcome. Please see the following video for more rules. This was just the support I needed to stick to my goal and enjoy the lovely yarns in my stash. There will be prizes in this giveaway. So, be sure join in by following the #stashbustmal2022 on Instagram and YouTube for inspiration.

Balanced Skeins Safe For Work MAL

I mentioned previously that I had joined in the Balanced Skeins Safe for Work Make-A-Long. I originally was going to make a cocoon cardigan but focused on my sleeveless turtleneck instead for this MAL. While my project is complete (and I may double dip between the M1Yarns MAL and this one), I want to encourage you to join in the fun as well. Kendra the host is using the app Discord as a platform to connect with makers that join this MAL. Be sure to watch this video for more rules.

After the Cinnamon Swirl Stole is completed, I will be working on my textured pullover

using WeCrochet Snuggle Puff . I am loving this cloud like yarn. Though you cannot see the potential in the put-up, Snuggle Puff has amazing stitch definition when worked up. It is one of the softest and lightest yarns I’ve ever felt and I can’t wait to share the results with you.

Shopping in My Stash: Misfit Yarns, Cascade Heritage, & Malabrigo

I plan to make a sweater with the following yarns in the near future:

Cascade Heritage 75/25 Superwash merino Nylon blend 437 yards – Fuchsia

Malabrigo 100% Super wash merino 440 yards Light of Love

Malabrigo Sock 100% Super wash merino 440 yards Fuchsia

I have in mind to do some research on mosaic crochet colorwork for the sweater. I usually see mosaic crochet patterns for blankets and downs but rarely see one for a sweater. If you have any suggestions, please leave it in the comments below. I would love to hear about your experiences with mosaic crochet and/or colorwork.

In Conclusion:

I am having a hard time resisting the temptation to purchase more yarn, but I have also received lots of support from my maker friends that are cheering me on. It amazes me how something as simple as yarn can be so addicting, but when you really think about it. It’s not the yarn that has a hold on us. It’s the endless possibilities of crafting with yarn- our insatiable appetites as artists to express ourselves through our art. It gives us freedom and a voice. So, when putting it that way maybe a yarn diet isn’t as beneficial to my creativity as I thought- aren’t I a sly one (wink).

Happy Crafting FRIENDS!


Marquita Makes: Crochet Goals for 2022 First FO of the Year-Genesis Scarf, Mini Skeins for the Just Feel Cozy Wrap, Rundle Socks, Indie Dyed Yarns

2022 Goals – No Buy Year and Mindful Crafting

Other than pursuing a No Buy Goal I will also practice monogamous crochet. I have tried and failed to be monogamous to one project quite a time a few times, but this year I plan to seriously stick to working on one WIP at a time. Why is this important to me?

With the exception of Lady Dye Yarns, I will not be purchasing yarns unless I want to gift a handmade make and do not have the yarn needed in my stash. For example, I typically gift items for babies and small children with acrylic yarn, and I don’t have much acrylic yarn in my stash. How will I achieve my goal and refrain from purchasing yarn? I will apply these 5 principles:

  1. Unsubscribe to newsletters
  2. Spend less time on social media
  3. Block discount notifications (unfavorite items on Etsy)
  4. Take inventory of yarn stash
  5. Assign projects for yarn in stash

It is because I want to practice mindfulness in my crochet more intensely than I have previously. It has always been important to me, but I noticed toward the end of last year I picked up a few commissions and started new projects at the same time and my attention was not focused on the work in hand, but on all the WIPs in the bags. This actually caused some anxiety and that is the last time I ever want to associate stress with a calming activity such as crochet.

So, I’m sure after applying the principles listed above, I will be actively present when working on one project at a time. I’m sure it will be a more effective way to reduce stress and complete a project quickly. I also learned that for me it is more relaxing while crafting to focus mainly on the work in my hand. When I stay focused on the craft and working repetitive stitches than letting my mind go elsewhere, it relieves a lot of tension. Sometimes, I will still use crochet as a time of reflection, but I have also found the benefit of relieving stress in focusing on the repetitive motion of making stitches with the hook and yarn.

I also want to enhance by designing skills, drawing/ drafting, and color exploration. I have some skill in sketching and want to challenge myself to draw garments inspired by the yarns I have in stash. I hope to share these designs on the blog as well. If you are a designer, what do you use to assist you in drafting your crochet/knit ideas?

I purchased a Happy Planner for this year specifically for crafting. I want to track my productivity and time spent in activities. Not that I want to spend more time in the crafts, but that I want to bring more balance to my daily routine. Planning is going to be key in how I will designate my time and I know it will make crafting even more meaningful and purposeful.

Genesis Scarf by Taliascrochet Creation

Talia, the creator of the Genesis Scarf pattern, has several of patterns I would like to try. Why? Because she loves textures as much as I do, and she uses simple stitches and meditative rows to create lovely texture.

I reached out to Talia for help in finding an alternative to the Lion Brand Wool ease. Ultimately, I used EY Select Arenaria (90% merino wool 10% Nylon) in the color Primavera that I found at Tuesday Morning. I was not able to make the fringe because I ran out of yarn. So, I could really use your help in finding a cake of yarn (or a substitute) to complete the fringe portion.

I made one modification to the pattern. I am taller than wider than Talia (she’s itty bitty). So, I added a few addition stitches to the initial chain to make it wider and give more coverage for my shoulders. I will definitely block this piece to achieve the length I want.

Would I recommend this pattern? Yes, it is beginner friendly with meditative rows, and the results are lovely. Despite my yarn dilemma Lion Brand Wool-ease is accessible to many. Lastly, Talia is more than willing to assist with any issues you may have with the pattern or yarn.

From the Vault – Big Twist “Premium” Living

JoAnn Big Twist Living Yarn – Colors: Cream, Chinchilla, Soft Peach

My only purchase of the year has been Big Twist Living yarn that you see pictured above, and I grabbed the last of each color at my local store. It’s such a popular yarn. This purchase was to make a scarf for a friend that admired a scarf I made with Big Twist Premium yarn that was discontinued last year. I was so excited to see that JoAnn had rebranded Big Twist Premium to Big Twist Living even keeping the names of the colors. It is still extremely soft, but lighter and now a true 4 medium worsted weight as opposed to the Premium that was a heavy worsted weight. I am going to surprise her with the twin scarf hopefully very soon. The pattern is just a chain of the desired width and work double crochets in each row interchanging colors until the desired length is achieved.

WIPs #1 – Pig In A Pullover with Snuggle Puff

My initial thoughts after

opening the bag of WeCrochet’s Snuggle Puff were not ones filled with eagerness to start a project or excitement. I was not crazy about the lack of spin on the yarn, but my opinion changed when I reached in the bag and felt the texture of the yarn.

It is one of the softest cotton yarns I have ever experienced. I’m a big fan of pima cotton and although it isn’t labeled as such, I’m almost 100% positive this yarn is made of quality pima cotton. When I gave the little donut a squish, the silence of the squish sealed the deal. This is the softest cotton I have every felt. More than the squish, the stitch definition has left me singing praises. So, despite being a lint catcher, Snuggle Puff is so stitch worthy. I purchased a sweater quantity worth to make a pullover for much needed lounge wear because staying home during the pandemic has really take a toll on my lounging clothes. They’re simply worn out.

So, what design did I chose? Well, I used mainly use 2 crochet stitches for the design. I created a chain a bit longer than my torso and worked a half double crochet into each stitch. Then on the second row, I worked a double crochet in the back loop of the previous row. On the third row, I worked a half double crochet in the back loop and continued the interchange of stitches alternating rows(HCD for one row & DC for the next row) until the desired width is achieved. It will be worked with a front piece a bit shorter than the back back piece, sew up the sides leaving an inch split, and make sleeves (extra long and wide) to attach worked in the same pattern. Lastly, I will attach a turtleneck. It’s going to be SO COZY!!

Candy Themed Stich Markers by Monarchy Threads

During Black Friday, Jess the maker generously posted a 60% discount for her shop and I bought several sets at about $2 a set. She gave freebies such as the mushrooms and cupcake charms/ stitch markers.

Candy Project Bag by DenimTotesPlus

It’s it yummy! I really enjoy indulging in winter treats and some of my handmade items are inspired by such treats. So, I enjoy using this bag to hold my yummy squishy yarns. it is made of denim and very well made. It doesn’t have a lining on the inside, but there is has a large Velcro pocket in the front of the bag. Which is a very useful feature in holding tools for the project and providing enough room for your phone, lotion, and notions.

WIP #2 Rundle Socks by Deanne Ramsey

I have achieved much progress on

my crochet Rundle socks, designed by Deanne Ramsey, since the last time I shared my starting of this project. Being my first paid for written sock pattern, I had some difficulty with the concept of the heel flap, turn, and gusset. After frogging many times and watching a few YouTube videos that explain these techniques, I finally am good to go. Turns out, I should have just trusted the process and was following the pattern correctly. I hope to share with you soon my finished socks. Have you made crochet socks? If you haven’t, I would recommend this pattern for intermediate level crafters. As I mentioned previously, the pattern isn’t hard to follow but I struggled with the concept of how the heel could come about being so unfamiliar with these methods.

WIP #3 Universal Yarns Cinnamon Swirl Stove

I have been enjoying

working on the crochet version of the Cinnamon Swirl Stole by Universal Yarns. This kit can only be purchased through a local yarn store. My local store, Thread Fabrics, currently has a few kits available for purchase. I haven’t had any hiccups during the first portion of the pattern and the stitch definition is superb. I have truly been enjoying working with Rozetti’s Nymph yarns. The texture is just superb! It has a high percent of cotton and feels so smooth so soft- not fluffy but soft. It glides through your hands like butter.

I more or less wanted this kit and this wrap to be enjoyed by my entire family. While I have made several garments over the years for my family, I haven’t made what I consider an heirloom piece. I know the sweaters and beanies can be passed down, but I when I saw this design, I instantly pictured it being gently worn and passed down as quilts and blankets. The Cinnamon Swirl Stole hopefully will be snuggled around babies and enjoyed in my family for generations to come.

Housing this lovely

project is this adorable Candy Cane bag by Favity House and Home. This company has been in existence for quite some time. The bag is very well constructed and made with quality materials. There aren’t any pockets, but I appreciate the black lining inside.

All So Charmings Stitch Markers are such a Treat!

This little gingerbread man is so well made. The details of this clay stitch marker/ charm are remarkable. Even his expression is just too cute. It has inspired me to try my hand in making clay charms. I especially like the glazed look which reminds me of icing.

Just Feel Cozy Wrap by Caliesha Ryan of the Quirky Monday Podcast – Mini Skein Project

Just Feel Cozy Wrap by

Caliesha Ryan of the Quirky Monday Craftcast can be found on Ravelry for $1. Her photo to the left is so beautiful. This pattern suggests mini skeins that equal around 2,000 yards of fingering weight yarn which will be held double. I’m so excited to share the yarns I will use below.

Sweet GeorgiaKnitter’s Delight Each set contains one mini-skein of:

  • Mohair Silk Sock in Ginger (107 yds / 97 m per skein; 50% Superwash Merino Wool, 15% Silk, 15% Mohair, 20% Nylon)
  • CashLuxe Fine in Pineapple (98 yds / 89 m per skein; 70% Superwash Merino, 20% Cashmere, 10% Nylon)
  • Flaxen Silk Fine in Bubble Wand (118 yds / 107 m per skein; 65% silk, 35% linen)
  • BFL+Silk Fine in Rose Gold (92 yds / 84 m per skein; 75% Bluefaced Leicester Wool, 25% Silk)
  • CashLuxe Spark in Clementine (98 yds / 89 m per skein; 80% Superwash Merino Wool, 10% Cashmere, 10% Stellina)

Gabi’s Knit Goodies Yarns can be found on Etsy

Nanette Wake Studio Mini skeins are found on Etsy

Pumpkin & Wool Mini skein sets on their website.

I initially wanted to work on this wrap as if it were a temperature blanket with the idea that it is an ongoing project for the year, but because my focus this year is on taking each project slowly, I may just work out this pattern at one time instead of working a mini skein a week. I will linger on this thought a little longer before making a definite decision. Either way, I know it will be a fun make.

In Conclusion

I am so excited to begin lining up and organizing my projects for the year. I am determined to spend more time enjoying the process of crafting and being less focused on completing a project. I know after organizing my stash, tools, and notions I will be all set to enjoy a year of crafting. I hope you too have an excellent year, and I can’t wait to see your projects in the coming months.


Mona Thorne – Eclectic & Funky Style Inspiration for the Knotty Crush Pattern Big Phat Mouth Beanie & Scarf Set

Half & Half Season 1: Episode 16 – Rachel True (left) Telma Hopkins (right)

Before I share my opinion and clarifying why I think Mona Thorne (and the set of her apartment) is the best styled character/set of any show I’ve seen on tv. I would like to give credit where it is due. Ceci is responsible for the funky and eclectic wardrobe of the Half & Half’s star Rachel True aka Mona Thorne. Among many tv shows, “Ceci is a costume designer with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. She’s worked on many sitcoms, television shows and movies including A Different World, Living Single, Sister Sister, The Inkwell and more. Most recently, she is the costumer designer for Mixedish and Dear White People.” Source:,Mixedish%20and%20Dear%20White%20People.

So, first and foremost, THANK YOU Ms. Cecil for creating my favorite fashion icon. Her wardrobe in every episode as well as the decor of her apartment perfectly matched the character and are an inspiration to us boho babes.

In 2022, Half & Half will reach 20 years since the first episode aired in 2002. Unfortunately, in all those years I had only watched 3 episodes. During my formidable years, I had one of those No-Tv-On-A-School-Night mothers. So, it wasn’t until Netflix added the series in 2021 that I was able to indulge in Mona’s chunky platform boots, granny square cardigans, knit asymmetrical shawls, and crochet lace ponchos. I just can’t get enough! Mona was rare, quirky, and confused about which direction to take in life and learned to be comfortable in her own skin. She knew who she was and what she liked, but not always what she wanted from herself and in life. It seemed at times her attire would change according to her confidence level but always seemed to have a lively and cultured look. I mean cultured in the sense of incorporating varies ethnic styles and garments. Tops or kurtas that you would see in India with a twist of western fashion. Yet, she in the same outfit she would also perfectly matched flare jeans and platform boots (the chunky, space age style)

Why am I such a fan of her style? Well, although I’m not a fashionista; I do have my personal preferences. While some may carefully select neutrals, button ups, and solid tops for their time capsule wardrobe, I reach for palazzo pants, quilted coats, peasant tops, and tunics with beads, crochet lace, or mirrors for my collection of timeless fashion necessities. And now, I will be adding Mona’s Big Phat Mouth beanie and scarf to it.

Mona wore what appears to be a felted or possibly knit beanie and scarf set in Season 1: Episode 16 “The Big Phat Mouth”. I mean look at it (pictured above) it’s funky but coordinates with a peasant top and faux suede coat with faux fur which never goes out of style. So, when I stumbled upon Berrocco Comfy in the colorway Beet Red I knew I had to recreate this lovely beanie.

Free “Mona’s Big Fat Scarf” Pattern (Beginner Friendly):

Yarn: Berroco Comfort (2)- Color Beet Root – 210 yards each – 50/50 Superfine Nylon/Superfine Acrylic

Hook: Clover Amour H 5mm for tighter tension and slip and Furls Peppermint G 4 mm for loose crochet tension

Stitches used & abbreviations: slip knot, double crochet (dc), chain (ch), bobble (yarn over, insert hook into next and pull up a loop, repeat 5x and pull through all loops), back loop (bl), stitches (st)


Round 1: Make a slip knot, ch 19, dc into second st, dc into next 4 st, bobble into the next st, dc into the next 5 st, bobble into next st, dc into the remaining 5 stitches, at the end of the row ch 1 and turn

Round 2: dc into the next 5 stitches, bobble into the 6th st, dc into the next 5 stitches, bobble into the next stitch, dc into remianing 5 st, at the end of the row ch 1 and turn

Repeat Round 2 until there is no more yarn and weave in the ends. Scarf will be approximately 5 ft 5 in.

Video: How I Made the “Mona’s Big Fat Beanie” and Free Written Pattern below: (Beginner Friendly written pattern but video is in a casual crochet with me format for intermediate experience) – I would like to apologize for the quality of the video (does improve after 15 minutes) and plan to work with a different yarn base and hook in a future video that will be publicly posted on YouTube at a later date).

Video is set as private – provided for those interested in my techinque for making the beanie

Stitches used & abbreviations: stitch (st), slip knot, double crochet (dc), chain (ch), fan (dc 4+ times into same stitch) bobble (yarn over, insert hook into next and pull up a loop, repeat 5x and pull through all loops), cro2tog (crochet 2 stitches together)


Create magic ring, ch 1, insert 12 DC into the circle, pull tail tight to close circle, ch 1

Row 1: DC 2 into first st, DC 3 into second st, and repeat this alternating pattern until end of the row, at the end of the row sl st into the first st of the row and ch 1

Row 2: DC into first st, DC 2 into the next st, and repeat this alternating pattern until the end of the row, sl st into the first st and ch 1

Row 3-5: Repeat row 2

Row 6: DC 1 into first 9 st, DC 2 into 10 st, repeat this alternating pattern until the end of the row. sl st into the first st of the row the ch 1 (If a larger size is desired increase using 2 DC into every 6th st)

Row 7: SC in the back loop of each st (this row will end the increase of the crown) until the end of the row, sl st into the first st, ch 1

Row 8: DC into each st, sl st into the first st, ch 1

Row 9: DC into first and second st, make puff (yo, pull up yarn 3x) into the 3rd st, DC into each of the next 2 st, make puff stitch in the next st, continue this alternating pattern (creating a puff st in every 3rd st) until the end of the row, sl st into the first st, ch 1

Row 10: DC into first st, sc into next st, make puff st into third st, continue this pattern until the end of the row, sl st into first st, ch 1

Row 11: DC into first st, sc next st, then make puff st into the 3rd st, then sc and continue this pattern (pattern DC, sc, DC, sc, puff st) until the end of the row, end with a sl st and ch 1

Row 12: (modified in video): sc into the first st, sc, puff, sc, sc, puff (repeat pattern until the end of the row, sl st and ch 1

Row 13: sc into the first st, puff st, sc, sc, sc, sc, puff, st, so continue the pattern of making a sc into the next 4 st then a puff into the 5th st in the sequence. sl st into last st and ch 1

Row 14-15: Repeat row 13

Row 16: sc into in the back loop of each st until the end of the row. sl st into the first st of the row, ch 1

Row 17-18: DC into each st of the row, sl st into 1st st, ch 1

Row 19: DC into first st, puff st, sc, puff, dc, puff st, and repeat pattern until end of the row. sl into first st and ch 1

Row 20: DC in first st, puff st on the front post of the next st, DC, puff st on the fp, DC, puff st on the fp, and continue this pattern until the end of the row. sl st into the first st then ch 1

Row 21: DC into first ch, DC every 10 st by c2tog, continue this pattern until the end of the row, sl st, ch 1

Row 22: Repeat Row 21

Row 23: HDC into the bl of first 7 st, 3HDC in the bl of the 8th st, continue pattern until th end of the row, sl st and ch 1

Row 24: SC into the the bl of each st until getting to the 2nd st of the 3HDC cluster, repeat this patter until the end of the row, sl st into the first st, ch 1

Row 25: HDC into the first 7 st, when arriving at the cluster work 5 DC into the 2nd st of the cluster st, repeat this pattern sequence until the end of the row, sl st into the first st, ch 1

Row 26:SC into the bl of each st of the row, sl st into the first st of the row, ch 1

Row 27: DC into the st until getting to the area of the fan (ripple). When reaching it, decrease all the st (5 st) of the ripple (draw up a loop into each st of the ripple in previous row then pull them together). Then decrease in the next 2 st. Now double crochet in each st until reaching the next fan (ripple) then repeat the decrease of 5 st then 7. Continue this pattern sequence until the end of the row. Sl st into the first st of the row and ch 1

Row 28: Repeat Row 20

Row 29: DC into the first 9 st then decrease (2 st together) in the 10th st, repeat sequence of pattern until the end of the row. sl st and ch 1

Row 30: HDC into each st until the end of the row, sl st and ch 1

Row 31: SC into the back loop of each st until the end of the row, sl st and ch 1

Row 32-34: Repeat row 31, clip yarn and weave in ends.

Thanks for viewing!


Marquita Makes Episode 30: Crochet with Me – Tea Recipe and New Yarn

Hey Friends,

Grab your favorite warm beverage and join in a crochet with me. In this episode, like many of my favorite crafting videos we talk a little about yarn, tea, and crafting.

DO YOU LIKE FREE YARN, TEA, & TOOLS? Check out the link to my GIVEAWAY video Ends December 31st

Thanks for Viewing!

Teeccino Pumpkin Spice Herbal Coffee/Tea (not sponsored or affliate- I just love it):

Dandie’s Marshmallows Chai by Pa

Lion Brand Skein Tones

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I Won Pamela’s Crochet Corner Giveaway!

Marquita Makes – Knotty Crush YouTube

I was so shocked when Pam of Pamela’s Crochet and Knit Corner reached out to me and said that I WON her recent giveaway and would be forwarding prizes to me. I mean I host Giveaways all the time, but to win one is kind of a big deal! Receiving love back from the maker community really fills up your cup of joy!

I try to savor joy as long as I can, and I wanted to give a special thanks to Pam for sharing with us such thoughtful and kind gifts from her heart.

Thanks PAM!

You can also follow her beautiful work on Instagram

Featured items:


Marquita Makes vLog: Episode 29 Peppermints & FO’s, Universal Yarns 12 Days of Winter, Furls Hook, and More!

FO: High School Sleeveless Turtleneck Remade

Sleeveless Turtleneck made with Universal Yarns DK Superwash Wool

I mentioned in previous episodes that I found a red yarn at Tuesday Morning to recreate one of my favorite high school sweaters. Unfortunately, that means that while I got a great price for this 100% super wash wool (dk weight) it has been discontinued leaving very little room left for error and length. So, I used the 3 balls to create a medium/large sleeveless turtleneck sweater, and I am very happy with the results. While I would have preferred a little more length in the neck, there is just enough to proclaim it a legit turtleneck. If you’re interested in this yarn, I was able to find a similar shade on Universal Yarns website.

My hook of choice was the Clover Amour G 4mm. It worked up this dk weight very fast, gave superb definition, and worked the stitches up tight enough to wear it without an undershirt. With my tension the Clovers tend to achieve tighter stitches than my Furls with almost any size yarn. I love my Clover Amour Crochet Hooks so much.

About the Design: I often choose to use very simple stitches and patterns because they are so relaxing to work up, but they also give me the classic (time capsule) look I want. So, for this garment, I made a chain the length of my torso. Then I worked half double crochets in the back bump for the first row. On the next row, I worked double crochets in the back loop of the half double crochet to give it a texture similar to ribbing. I am very proud of my sweater especially how it fits. Once again, I have to give praise to Universal Yarns for such awesome stitch definition.

Now, even as a super wash wool this yarn has a measure of softness, and much of the itchy and scratchness has been eliminated in the super wash process. Yet, I highly recommend wet blocking wools to achieve even more softness and to stretch your fabric (if neccessary- it was necessary in my case). I enjoyed the scent and even more so the results of the blocking process after using a wool wash by SOAK purchased from my local yarn store Thread Fabric. You simply soak and roll the garment into a towel a press firmly remove the excess water. Then pin down your piece on a blocking mat with blocking pins and allow it to air dry. I didn’t want to chance putting it in the dryer, and I still hand wash regardless of it being a superwash wool (typically can be washed int he washing machine and dry on low in the dryer- Nope I ain’t gone do it). I even noticed that there is now a hand lotion and sanitizer from this brand. I can only imagine how lovely they smell. How do you wash your handmakes? The great thing about wool is that they don’t need to be washed often.

What’s In My Cup: Teeccino Chocolate Mint Herbal Coffee

So, why do I go on and on about Teeccino? First, it tastes amazing. No I’m not exaggerating. Ok, I’ll explain it this way. #1 It’s never bitter. All coffee is bitter- even Gevalia which removes a high percentage of the bitterness is still BITTER (It’s still my favorite coffee though). #2 It tastes exactly like coffee. It has that roasted mildly nutty taste, and whether it’s from the barley (or roasted dandelion collection for the gluten intolerant) it tastes like a truly flavorful coffee sans bitterness #3 I feel great after drinking it due to it aiding in gut health and #4 It can be brewed in the coffee maker like coffee or stepped in your cup like tea (available in tea bags or use your own diffuser). Either way you have the same delicious results. #5 The variety is unreal. There are Teeccino samples avaiable with adaptogens, prebiotics, seasonal flavors, etc to try before purchasing a full package/box. The website also offers tons of recipes and science behind the health benefits of each ingredient. Please let me know how you like your Teeccino.

Aquistions: Charms, Furls Hooks, and Yarn

I ordered Hildi & Jo Peppermint & Mushroom Beads/ Charms online from JoAnn Fabric, but I was so disappointed after receiving an email stating that the charms and beads I had purchased were no longer available. Then in a matter of minute then all smiles when I received a following email stating that a portion of the order was available. I hope to make more stitch markers but also earrings for my daughter who really enjoys the goblin core and cottage core aesthetic.

Furls Peppermint Hook I had to wait a whole yarn to finally nab a Peppermint hook after they were released last season. Mine is much darker than what is pictured on the site, but it is just as beautiful, nonetheless. I haven’t used it yet, but I am hoping it will work with wool and bamboo yarns with ease holding a smooth glide flow. I am not a big fan of wooden or bamboo needlecraft tools because they have typically have a slow drag (and sometimes snags the yarn alot) for me. After I have used it for a while, I will share my experiences with you.

Universal Yarns: 12 Days of Winter – Cinnamon Swirl Crochet Kit

I don’t know about you, but when I learn that a big box company has made kits for crochet- I HAVE TO SUPPORT IT! Why? Because they’re so rare. Why do I say that? Because it has only been in recent years that crochet has gained more respect in the fiber sphere. We all know KNIT is KING in the fiber world. Whenever there is a needlecraft promotion for kits, crochet patterns are 10:1(if at all) in the featured patterns. So, when Universal Yarns featured a crochet version of the Cinnamon Swirl Stove/ Shawl I contacted my local yarn shore to get my hands on one. That’s right, as of today it is not available on their website but can be purchased through your local yarn store. Whenever I can support my LYS, I definitely do so. I’ll go into why that’s so important to me in another post. So, what’s in this kit?

Kit includes:

  • 8 Nymph yarns – Velvette
  • 9 Nymph yarns – Swan
  • Project Bag
  • Stitch Marker
  • Crochet Pattern

If you’d like a glimpse of the pattern and pictures, its contents are featured on Ravelry (a knit pattern is also available). I must say the yarn in this kit exceeded my expectations. It’s light and fluffy, sparkly and smooth. How they were able to achieve this with a high percentage of cotton and low of polyamide (natural or synthetic) I don’t know but it’s GORGEOUS! It has all the makings of winter magic! You know those moments we cherish like taking a walk during the first snow fall; the warming sensation of enjoying a cup of cocoa after a snowball fight; or warming yourself by the fire as it crackles, watching the embers burn slowly on a cold and rainy winter day- MAGIC! I can’t wait to dive into this pattern and project. The project bag and stitch markers are very nice as well. I would have preferred the project bag to be large enough to hold the yarn, but it is very well-made, and I like graphics and mantra on the front of the bag. Are you working on one of the 12 Days of Winter projects? What are your upcoming winter projects?


Marquita Makes: Episode 27 I Made Stitch Markers, Tutti Fruity Beanie, New Tea Forte Tea & Mug

Peppermint stitch markers are …

Such a sweet treat to the crafting experience and have been on my to-do list for way too long. Yes, I have been hoarding these pretty glass beads for a year. These are the first stitch markers that I have ever made, and I thank my sister for encouraging me to save a few dollars and make my own. She was right, they were very simple to make with the right tools. The only challenge was cutting the pin at the right point allowing enough space for the desired beads.


  • Beads
  • Lobster clasp/ Lever back
  • Pin Head
  • Jewelry Tools
  • Jump ring (optional)

Sweet treats continued…

In the photos, you see jasper “cinnamon” beads, opaque and translucent selenite gemstones, metal, Swarovski, and glass beads. JoAnn no longer carries the peppermint glass beads but the others may be found at your local store. I am pretty bummed that the peppermint beads are discontinued. I found out after purchasing it online yesterday just for the transtion to be canceled. I would have really liked to have made a bracelet and earring set for winter, and still kicking myself for not purchasing more last year. Don’t you just hate having maker’s regret?

Spotlight the Designer- TheHatandI

The Tutti Fruitti crochet beanie was a request from a client for a baby shower gift. I appreciate her so much for investing in me and purchasing the pattern to work up the beanie- not to mention paying a fair price for labor and shipping.

My thoughts on the pattern? It’s a great for beginners and all other levels because there isn’t a single step that missing or explained thoroughly. I used JoAnn’s Big Twist Value Worsted rather than the recommended yarn because the colors were not available (and Big Twist is much softer). Also, I made a few changes in how I “cleaned up” the loose ends by adding a few extra rows so that baby could grow into the beanie; using a yarn needle to close the beanie; and tying knots in other areas to secure it from unraveling. I highly recommend TheHatandI. I would really like to give credit when posting the artist on social media. So, if you have knowledge of their handles on social media please share it in the comments below.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Cardi or Blankie?

I am on the fence. I initially started this project as a crochet wrap but realized a bit too late that it was too large. So, I continued the project as a blanket, but now I’m considering converting it to a cocoon (blanket cardigan). Please leave in the comments below what you think should be the result: blanket or cardigan?

What’s In My Cup: Tea Forte Warming Joy & Travel Tumbler

Last year I purchased, I purchased Tea Forte Warming Joy pyramid samples as a Fall treat and loved it. So I purchased it in the loose leaf form this year during it’s Black Friday sale of 30% sitewide sale. I’m just now realizing why I have begun to prefer loose leaf teas. They seem to be more balanced in taste, naturally stronger than the tea bag, and retain more flavor during the second step

And the traveler mug, what do I think of it? Everyone should have ONE especially for $15! Yes, Tea Forte Traveler Tumbler is on clearance now (not sure how long it will last) at this low price. I can vouch that this 3 part vacuum sealed travel mug does indeed keep hot beverages hot for 12 hours and cold beverages cold for 24. It holds about 11oz including the infuser but will hold without will take up room inside so do not fill water to the top.

The sieve was so fine that I’m sure I could brew anything even Teeccino in the infuser. This feature also insures that there are no floaties. Where has this been all my LIFE! Also, I actually dropped it on our tiled kitchen floor just a minute after opening it, and there isn’t a scratch on it. It is literally all that and a cup of tea! I don’t think I will use any other mug since this purchase. It has an ergonomic shape and very well built. Perfect for Tea Lovers.

In Conclusion:

I have been slowing down in my personal crochet projects. I plan to dedicate December to finishing WIPs. Currently, I have:

  • Mandobug Crafts – Asymmetrical Shawl
  • Deanne Ramsey – Rundle Socks
  • Knotty Crush – Pumpkin Cheesecake Blanket/Cardigan
  • Current and Future (hopefully) commissions

I plan to go into the new year without any unfinished WIPs. That’s not to say that I won’t be starting any new WIPs next month (possibly for my daughters). I may not be able to help myself.

Other stitch markers mentioned can be purchased by the makers below:


Marquita Makes Episode 26: Vlog Style, Finished Objects, & Etsy Shop Update

YouTube Crochet Podcast Episode 26 – Me Wearing the Free Flow Shawl

Free Flow Shawl

As its title suggests, the Free Flow shawl’s design was guided by the yarn and my Furls H hook in hand. These two did all the work in making this piece a success. I simply used 2 skeins of Red Heart Soft Cinnabar and 2 skeins of Lion Brand Landscape Harvest Moon interchangeably as a palette cleanser between commission pieces. Stitches I used to create this look were slip stitches, double crochet, granny stitches, and chains (occasionally working in the back loop). After each row of the triangle scarf was completed, I would simply continue repeat the last row or work a few stitches then skip stitches to create gaps. This gave the piece a bit of a lacy look, but a necessity for me to wear it a more open breathable shawl in the Alabama climate.

Deku Inspired Almight Scarf

My daughter adores Deku from My Hero Academia. So, when she requested a Deku inspired scarf I was happy to do so. She also convinced me that she would not be the only person who wanted it for cosplay, and she was right. I sold another one not long after posting it on my Etsy shop. She too has decided to start a sticker business and opened her own Etsy shop.

So, we collaborated and sent not only the scarf but also a few of her stickers from her shop to the patron. We hope to work together to make more stickers and crochet items that are can be enjoyed by those who share our same interests.

Tundra Beanie

Is a new item featured in my Etsy shop. I wasn’t so sure if I’d enjoy working with JoAnn’s Big Twist Freelance yarn, but after some color control I am thrilled at our it turned out. As I worked with this yarn, I realized it was more knit friendly. So, I worked it up in front and back posts which harmonized with the amount of yarn for each color. I decided on a darker yarn color for the brim and “closer” (top) which really complements the land, snow, and earthtones. Of course an oversized cotton tail pom pom was the perfect topper.

Make Room For Baby- Show Gifts

Crochet Baby Top and Pants set

It maybe that the baby items work up quickly or that using my favorite yarns and giving the garment a squishy in between stitches made working this baby shower gift a delight. I used Big Twist Value Worsted in navy for the pants and Premier Just Yarn in white for the top.

This particular piece has specifications that included iron on letters and a felt backing. I didn’t have a pattern or plan, but just went with it. Thankfully, I was able to find matching thread to sew on the felt piece, but it was tricky not to apply too much heat to the letter. However, I must say it was a success and the owner was very pleased with results.


If you are a maker, you are probably just as busy in this season. I’ve found that even when working on commission pieces it is almost mandatory to work on a personal project so as not to lose your mojo (crochet or knit). If you have any tips or tricks that prevent you from burn out, I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below. In the meantime, I hope to enjoy many more days with my family in nature.


Marquita Makes – Episode 25 Wool & the Gang, Big Twist Freelance, Lady Dye Yarn, Crochet Luna – Claudia

Loaded With Doozies

This episode is loaded with failed WIPs and flubs. Well I guess I shouldn’t call them fails exactly, but doozies. You know what I mean. Those projects that either just don’t work out as expected or don’t work out at all. Yet, I learned what I liked, disliked, and how to move on from them. But I’d like to start the blog on a good note with some new yummy yarn from one of my favorite indie dyers.

Lady Dye Yarn

Lady Dye Yarn Kit

Hot chocolate Colorway DK is the latest yarn that I have received from LDY. The buttery texture and high spin are a treat within itself, but I also unexpectedly received a Hidden Figures project bag inspired by the film, handmade wooden stitch markers, and a women of DC sticker as freebies. Can you imagine the joy of opening this unexpected gifts! These were created exclusively for specific LDY clubs that were featured only in a specific club of the month this year. I missed out on purchasing the clubs. So, I was very grateful to receive them with my yarn.

I plan to make a set of fingerless gloves for my daughter Genesis. She changes favorite colors quite frequently, but has held on to brown as a favorite since discovering the goblin core aesthetic. I totally get it. I myself am guilty of collecting gemstones, keys, buttons, etc. So, I guess she gets it from me.


Beanie in Progress using Big Twist Freelance Yarn and Project bag from Quirky Monday Podcast

Big Twist Freelance is a JoAnn exclusive yarn that is new to the stores. When it first appeared on the channels of a few YouTube podcasters I was very impressed with the transition of colors but still couldn’t tell if I could enjoy working with a yarn with such contrasting colors. I prefer stripes to fair isle designs but when seeing the yarn care in stores I just couldn’t resist (especially with a $5 coupon making it free for me to try). So, I made a beanie, and have to say that many factors made it an enjoyable experience. I especially appreciated that there was enough of each color to have symmetry when using the color control color method (cutting the yarn where one color ends and another begins). Obliviously, I loved the colors of the Turquoise Orange Multi, but it was the squishy factor (silent) that really did it for me. Also, the stitch definition is superb. This yarn does so much work and being an acrylic medium 4 weight it worked up fairly quickly, and it will hold a lot of heat in the winter.

Wool & the Gang – Super Trouper

Wool and the Gang Yarns with WeCrochet Notions Pouch

Wool and the Gang’s Super Trooper merino wool is such a delicious yarn. I must admit that it is the softest yarn that I have tasted to date. While surprisingly ultra soft, it also has amazing stitch definition. In many circumstances, you have one without the other. I gather that this was achieved by the seemingly 8 ply twists. This factor I believe also lends the “airy” feel of the yarn as well. The structure is just superb. I would have anticipated that it was be so luxurious. I say that because I have not watched any unboxing of the this line of yarn. While I had an amazing experience of touch and texture, I was somewhat disappointed in the colorway terracotta. I had assumed that I would receive a color more like that appears on the website. I am always open to the realism that not all colorways will appear in person as they do on screen, but in my experience with colors labeled terracotta none have been of a brown color. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive the typical varying hues of reddish, orangey, or coral colored terracotta. So, I was unable to complete the project that I had in mind. My intention was to use all three colors to make a three tone beanie, but needless to say it just didn’t work out.

Would I purchase from Wool and the Gang again? Well, I possible would if there were a sale on this yarn. However, for $8.99 USD per donut of yarn you only received 87 yards aran/worsted weight. Yes, that is no typo. The yarn was not labeled organic although it is stated on the website that the production is sustainably sourced. This may contribute to the cost being on the pricier end- totally understandable. However, because I work on rather large projects I would choose to purchase yarn form smaller projects or save for larger projects in the future.

Crochet Luna – Claudia

In the podcast video, I shared a new stitch design suggested by Claudia of Crochet Luna when working with the Wool and the Gang Super Trooper merino wool. Claudia mentioned that when the line of double crochet rows is in undesirable in her work, she opts for a simple trick of working 1 double crochet then 1 single crochet in a pattern to eliminate the look of the line beneath. It worked GREAT. I highly recommend it if you too want to design without the line of double crochets.

Aretha Franklin Poncho – Nixed!

That’s right. The poncho my mother requested which was inspired by a beautiful lacy poncho worn by Aretha Franklin on Soul Train has been nixed. I’m not complaining at all. Nope, I’m not upset in the least that I won’t be making hundreds- thousands of chains to complete the piece. After sitting down with my mom, during a recent visit, she explained that she wanted a simple mesh poncho similar to a beach coverup. Honestly, that seems more her style anyway. I am so happy that I brought my work along with me so she could see the progress. She would have looked great in it, but then my mother looks good in anything. She is a beautiful woman that stands tall and proud at 5’7″ with a very feminine shape. Despite her trying to hide her hips, she looks good in everything that accentuates them. To make her happy, I will stop the poncho right below the hips. I haven’t gotten very far with the new design, and she isn’t expecting it until we see warmer weather. So, it may be a few months before it appears again on the blog.

Balanced Skein – Safe for Work MAL

Are you looking for MAL or CAL (Make-A-Long or Crochet-A-Long)? Well, Youtuber Balanced Skein (Kendra) is hosting 6 month MAL from October to March to encourage knitters and crocheters to make a garment that would be appropriate for work as she returns her physical office location with her company. If you are intersted in joining on please see her latest episode for more details. You can also find her on Instagram

I have decided to make a simple black cocoon cardigan in Bernat Softee Cotton. Why? I needed a solid color cardigan to wear with several business casual outfits and a yarn that creates a more breathable fabric. This summer when I was shopping for more warm weather friendly yarns I noticed that BSC contained 60% cotton 40% acrylic Light 3 weight 254 yards. This seemed very promising as well as the tight spin that almost promises durability. Please let me know if you too decide to join this cowl. I’d love to follow you on your maker journey on your social media account. So, please leave your contact info in the comments below.

There is one thing that I won’t be too thrilled about while working on during the MAL is the black yarn. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds working in the abyss of darkness rather depressing. Is it the same for you? Do you have a method to combat the Darkside? Well I plan to work in a well lit room, and also use a necklight that I purchased on Amazon to lift the mood and illuminate the stitches.

Finished Object

Coat Capelet using Premier Basix Worsted

When my sister asked me to make her friend a handmade gift, she gave no preference to the garment and one request. It must be bright coral. Now that left me

Orange crochet double brim beanie made with Premier Just Yarn Worsted

I made my first double brim beanie with Just Yarn yarn from the Dollar tree, and as always I couldn’t be happier with the results. Premier is known for their high quality acrylics that are Oh So Soft and give great stitch definition. As I’ve mentioned several times before I Love this YARN!!! Although the beanie is lovely, the plans I had to apply an applique in the front don’t look as great as I had hoped for the adult size so I will have to work up child size beanies to complement them.

Premier Just Yarn and Candy Corn Stitch Marker


The #merchgiveaway sponsored by Distinctive Crochet has ended, and although my Youtube channel semi-finalist will not receive a prize from my shop a winner was selected to receive a box full of goodies, and I do hope she enjoys them.

Prizes: Misfit Yarn OOAK colorway, Buttercream Pom Pom, Tea Forte Tea, Teeccino, Chiagoo hook, Lion Brand Needles, Tasting kit, Berroco Vintage chunky, EY Elect Arenia

Because of Distinctive Crochet and many other Youtube content creators I have made even more yarnie friends. The maker community is so loving and generous. I truly love being apart of our global maker family.


Marquita Makes Episode 24: Patchwork Cardigan with Buttercream Luxe Expression Fiber Arts Yarn

Patchwork Cardigan

Buttercream Luxe Crafty Cozy has been

one of my favorite yarns to work with of 2021. This now discontinued yarn was exclusive to JoAnn stores. I chose it because it has a luxury feel and contains super wash wool (highly valued with my wool sensitivity). While it is a roving yarn, there were no worries of separation once worked up (but it did happen while weaving in the ends so be care in this process). This Super Wash Wool/ Acrylic blend holds it’s form and can really take some loving. I am still very impressed at it’s durability while it lends a subtle sheen, popping definition, and nice squish appeal. Yes, I would definitely call this a luxury yarn.

The original price was $14.99 and it is now discontinued. Do you have any in your stash? Well, if you don’t and would like to work with this Super Bulky 6 yarn Yarn Sub offers a list of compatible yarns for substitution.

Marquita Wearing Patchwork Cardigan

Why this design?

I was inspired to create my own patchwork cardigan after making my crochet version of the Harry Styles cardigan for a friend in November of 2020. I am not a fan of the HSC color combo, but when I saw the Buttercream Luxe Cozy line I knew it would be absolutely perfect for what I had in mind.

Due to the limited amount of yarn and color options at my local JoAnn store, I had to work with what I had. Why didn’t I purchase more online? Well, I discovered the yarn when it had been on clearance. You know that seems to be a thing at my local store. I believe there isn’t much room on the floor to display the yarn. So, we don’t see some yarns until there is more room (or they are in a weird location- not on the yarn aisle) and that’s not until they have been discontinued. While, I was happy about the price when I discovered it. There was a shortage of supply of the colors I desired in store and online.

Initially, I had in mind to make a long patchwork coat in a duster/trench style, but I am still very happy with the cropped version that I share with you today. Also, there wasn’t enough yarn to continue the patchwork look on the sleeves (and achieve the symmetrical look I desired). So, I designed the sleeves as a simple color block worked in the round. If I had more color options I would have chosen solid black for the sleeves to match the trim (but I only had 1) and the body only would have been comprised of patchwork. All in All, I really like overall design and although I thought it would make my hips look wider the bulkiness complimented my pear shape.

How was it worked up?

There was no way I would make individual squares and sew them together- No Way

So, I chose to crochet panels. This reduced the amount of weaving. How? Well, I started with a

Chain of 11, double crochet into the 2nd chain from the hook, place a double crochet into each chain to the end of the row. Chain 1, turn work, and double crochet until the end of the row. After 5 rows were completed of one color. I picked up another color and worked 5 rows. After 4 blocks of color were completed, I cut the yarn to start the next panel.

There were 4 panels aka long rectangles for the back (sewed them together to cover my back) and 4 panels for the front (sewed 2 together on each side for front coverage)

I stopped color changing when the panels were the length I needed for coverage (3 color blocks). After I had the necessary panels I sewed them together, working the matching color of yarn in the front & back top stitches to create an invisible seam.

I attached the black yarn at the end of the bottom (and top) of the woven panels and worked 2 rows for the boarder going across the panels.

When the board was finished, I placed stitch markers in the locations I would need opening for the arm holes and sewed the panels up the side and across the shoulder leaving room for the arms. Then I started the sleeves, at the bottom of the armpit area and worked in the round, switching colors when necessary, until the desired arm length but decrease with black yarn at the cuff.

Remember I’m not a published designer, but I do hope these notes are helpful to you.

Expression Fiber Arts has been on yarn list to taste for quite some time now

Chandi truly makes high quality, luxury yarn. The colorways could not be more beautiful. Have you experience yarns from EFA?

They are definitely delectable! The three you see pictured to the right are from an Oopsy Mystery3-Pack Bundle of Luster Sport that I recently purchased after receiving a high percentage coupon. After purchasing I did reach out to the company to share my color preferences, they were very kind and quickly responded to my request. Although they made no promises in being able to match my preferences, that were spot on to my favorites. I adore these colorways. However, the sheen is a bit overwhelming to me. These beautiful blends are 1185 yarns of 50/50 blend of super wash merino and Lyocell.

While the colors are not muted as I expected, they are very vibrant. I don’t think I can get past the sheen. The only shiny yarn that I have been interested in working with was Lion Brand Coboo, but it sent to Splitsville. So, I sold it on Mercari. I had decided to do the same with this bundle. If you are interested in purchasing it here is the link:


I have been quite busy this month- I still can’t believe we are almost a week into November. The new year of 2022 will be here before we know it! Do you have any plans? Things are opening back up. Lady Dye Yarns will have knew kits, and they are hosting a bunch of MALs. Tell me what are your plans for the end of this year?


Marquita Makes – Episode 22: Mandobug’s Asymmetrical Scarf, Sweet Georgia Yarns, Untangled Yarns, Knit Crate

Marquita Makes Knotty Crush YouTube Podcast Episode 22

What I’m Currently Working On

Mandobug Crafts

A light shawl with just a wee bit of lace is what I was looking for and exactly what I found in Mandobug’s Asymmetrical Shawl. I have been following the pattern to the T (well minus using the mohair with the Malabrigo yarn) and enjoying it. In this episode, I talk about my fear of frogging mohair with my beloved Malabrigo yarn and share my start of the shawl. I still haven’t made up my mind about whether or not to use the mohair when adding a second skein of yarn, but I would like to tell you more about the designer of this well written pattern. When Amanda produces a pattern she not only shares the whole process of selecting materials but why it was selected, it’s particular characteristics that make it desirable, and why it is useful and purposeful to the project.

More about Mandobug

The designer, Amanda Mannas, is AMAZING! She is one of my favorite craft podcasters, and has years upon years of experience in crochet, knitting, weaving (you name it) despite her young age. What I love most about her (besides her adorable laugh) is that she doesn’t keep all this knowledge to herself. She proves how easy or attainable a complex style or stitch can be managed and patient with you every step of the way. You can catch her LIVE on her <a href=”http://&lt;!– wp:paragraph –> <p>A light shawl with just a wee bit of lace is what I was looking for and exactly what I found in <a rel=”noreferrer noopener” href=”; target=”_blank”>Mandobug’s Asymmetrical Shawl</a>. I have been following the pattern to the T (well minus using the mohair with the Malabrigo yarn) and enjoying it. In this episode, I talk about my fear of frogging mohair with my beloved Malabrigo yarn and share my start of the shawl. I still haven’t made up my mind about whether or not to use the mohair when adding a second skein of yarn, but I would like to tell you more about the designer of this well written pattern. When Amanda produces a pattern she not only shares the whole process of selecting materials but why it was selected, it’s particular characteristics that make it desirable, and why it is useful and purposeful to the project. YouTube channel on Saturdays and she never disappoints. She recently hosted a CAL (crochet-a-long) which was very successful. She is most active on Instagram, but you can also find her on Tiktok. She is so creative and I truly admire her talent and creativity as well as the consistency to provides while being a mother of three. I know first hand that’s a struggle as a I have 3 daughters. So, although it may be slow, I will be sure to share my progress on the shawl.

More WIPs

Previously I participating in the TLYarn Crafts Crochet Academy and had selected the Omar Wrap as a participation in the CAL (Crochet-A-Long) but half way through the pattern I frogged it because it was just too dense for the Alabama climate.

Now, I am using the same yarns Red Heart Soft in colorway Cinnabar and Lion Brand Landscape colorway Harvest Moon to make what I am call a Soul Flowing Shawl. It’s basically a freeform shawl using whatever stitches or pattern I choose as I work it out. I a really enjoying the process. So far, as you will see in the video, I have added back loop stitches, granny stitches, some lace work to keep it open and more breathable.

I am enjoying using the Clover Hook Amour hook in size H (recommended hook size) which is giving me beautiful stitch definition along with the slight sheen of both yarns. I have been working on it as more of “palate cleanser” project between WIPs so I will be taking my time and haven’t set a deadline to complete it.

What’s in My Cup? Beantown Monk’s Blend

Beantown Tea: Chai, Monk’s Blend, Ginger Peach, Pumpkin Spice

Monk’s Blend is a new to me blend of black tea, calendula petals, daisy white, marigold petals, and natural flavors. This tea has a subtle taste of fruit and florals. Here is an excerpt from the website:

Our Monk’s blend is medium bodied and flavorful with piquant Ceylon character. Blended with natural flavor oils of vanilla and grenadine, which impart a smooth and unique heavenly flavorIngredients: Black tea, calendula petals, daisy white, marigold petals, and natural flavors.”

I did my research on Ceylon tea and learned that it is derived from Sri Lanka which makes perfect sense because all the best teas are from that region and India (in my opinion). I mentioned in the episode that it reminded of of Darjeeling tea but I must say it is more like Assam tea and both taste so delicious with desserts.

I have enjoyed all the teas that I’ve received from Beantown. If you visit their website you will probably be as impressed as I was to find quality visual imagery, lots of information on how to brew (white, gree, herbal, and black teas), which teas to pair select foods and ingredients, and various sample sizes. I haven’t checked for a monthly subscription, but I would be very tempted to sign up if it is optional.

Finished Objects

Yarns: Untangled Yarn Orange Sherbet 100% Organic Merino Wool & Knit Crates: Audine Wool Interlock Pigment

I decided to combine these two scrumptious yarns in one while designing a beanie in cowl using the crochet V-stitch. Using both yarns combined variations of my favorite color (orange) and created the perfect fabric.

Oh and I must mention that I won the Untangled Yarn in a giveaway. This makes it even sweeter! Be sure to follow Helen, the owner, on Instagram for opportunities to enter Giveaways and receive special discounts on items in her Etsy shop.

I didn’t share this bit in the video but I have decided to share it here.

Recently, I have added items to my Etsy shop to earn a profit for my handmade makes. I mainly craft as a hobby for from time to time life throws you a curve ball, and that’s when we use our skills for necessities right? So, when selling is my objective, I typically post the availability of the item on my Instagram after adding it to the shop. Well, a fellow crafter and podcaster (a beautiful soul), purchased it not for herself, but for me. She did not want me to part with this lovely piece, and though I did not mention it in the description I was so very sad to see it purchased until I read her note. You know who you are and I want to say, Thank you so much for your love and support, your kindness and generosity means so much to me and my family. Bless You!

Knit Crate Interlock was a great introduction to chainette yarns

When I was a member of Knit Crate in 2020, I enjoy receiving premium and luxury yarns that I would not have otherwise had the opportunity for such a great price. Unfortunately, due to my mild wool and alpaca allergy, I decided to cancel my subscription. I really enjoyed the selection of cottons and linens along with the fun of summer colors at the initial purchases.

Sweet Georgia Yarn

I have been a fan of the Sweet Georgia brand for a long time. Yet, this is the first time I have purchased yarns from the company. I discovered it via YouTube while searching for differences in yarn fibers. I fell in love with the delivery and abundance of information provided by the owner of the company. You see, Sweet Georgia is not just a yarn dying company but an institute of the fiber industry. Yes, it’s a school that does it all and has it all. Please be sure to check out their YouTube channel while they are currently hosting a make-a-long in honor of “Socktober”. So, I may or may not make striped socks with this mini yarn set, but I know whatever I decide to make with it will have a beautiful stitch definition. I love the percentage of wool to nylon in this blend Tough Love sock yarn. It’s so soft yet can take some strong loving. If you’ve too have experienced working with Sweet Georgia yarns. I’d love to hear your opinion of it in the comments below.

Wool and the Gang

My first yarn tasting of Wool and the Gang’s Super Trouper Wool exceeded my expectation of texture and spin quality of yarn. It is available in what seems to be a DK weight (my favorite), and it passed my Soft Sound Squish Test. I only had one issue. The color Terracotta is much browner than the picture you see to the right. It has more of a mauve shade, and I was really hoping to receive the color pictured. Also, there aren’t enough flavors of this yarn. They definitely need more colors in this yummy yummy line of yarn. I’m sure that I will purchase more in the future as I and my skin loves merino wool. Yes, I would say it is a luxury yarn that doesn’t break the bank. Well worth the yarn tasting- next to skin soft.

Lady Dye Yarns

I purchased Twilight zone stitches markers from the website, and while I am enjoying them. I am much more interested in sharing the Yarn Clubs that I should receive from the LDY in the near future. As 2021 ends, I plan to receive yarn clubs for A Different World, Goonies, and Gremlins. Business is booming for the company right now so there is a delay in shipping. This is mainly due to the support of the brand in contracting with other small business to add to the elements of the kits. Due to the pandemic affect on productivity and accessible materials, the clubs will arrive later. I do not see this as a disadvantage, and can patiently wait on all the goodies that will arrive. Everything that the owner Diane selects is of great quality, lovely and well worth the wait. Even her mystery boxes are superb and I am not a “mystery” type of person. Have you purchased from LDY? What were some of your favorite items?

I will openly admit that

I get really a bit bummed out when I think about all the clubs I missed before I discovered LDY because they limited kits never to be repeated, but seeing next year’s list of club makes up for the loss. In 2022, my most coveted kit is The 5th Element and all kits will be Ready to Ship! This one will be available in January! T5E is one of my all time favorite movies! I mean seriously, you have Bruce Willis and Chris Tucker in the same movie! (Please note that I grew up watching censored movies on basic channels in the 90’s and currently own a ClearPlay DVD player that censors according to your preference)

Twilight Zone Stitch Markers purchased from Lady Dye Yarns

Faux fur pom poms from my LYS

I have only recently begin using pom pom on my handmade makes. I wanted to share the few that spoke to me from Thread Fabric my local yarn store here in Florence, AL.

I want to experiment beyond beanies, and have seen poms added to the ends of scarves. Have you applied poms to other garments and would say it was a success?

In closing, I do hope that you have enjoyed the content of my blog and videos on YouTube. While they are both another creative outlet to share with you my passion of crafting and crochet, I would very much like to hear, read, and watch you express your love for arts and crafts as well. So, please feel free to share your social media handles and channels with us as well.

Thank you so much for viewing and your support in my crafting journey.


Marquita Makes Episode 21 – Socktober, Freedom Yarn, Tunisian Crochet

YouTube Video of Episode 21

Luna Fade Pattern by Detroit Knots

When I decided to work on the Luna Fade Shawl by Detroit Knots I chose a lovely yarn from my yarn stash for this Tunisian crochet pattern. Yes, one of my favorite yarn brands Malabrigo yarn in colors Diana and Ivy for the body and WeCrochet/ Knitpicks Shadow in the color Persimmon for the lace.

I truly enjoy Tunisian crochets project especially when they are easy to follow like Detroit Knots Luna Fade. I was so eager to start on a commission piece using the pattern after posting it on Instagram, but it has been rough on my hands. I should have taken a break for a few days, because this fingering/ sock weight yarn requires small hooks and can tire out your hands as it grows. I know now to take a few days and work on this project at at much slower pace. Thankfully I received compression gloves as an anniversary gift this year from my husband and they have relieved some of the pressure and aching from hands. Ultimately, I have not regrets and plan to make another later in the month.


Do you have any Buttercream Luxe Craft Cozy Super Bulky 6 in your stash? I hope we do see it again in JoAnn stores.

While I initially intended to make a sweater with the buttercream yarn being that it is 50/50 Merino wool and Acrylic blend (I used colors mustard, wine, and cream). I noticed that I had a summer cowl/ caplette that I hadn’t worn in a while and wanted to repurpose it. So, I decided to incorporate the Freedom ribbon yarn in the poncho and couldn’t be more please. Having a limited amount of of cream yarn actually aiding me in deciding the design of the poncho.


Project Bag by Caleisha of the Quirky Monday Crafts Store and Podcast

It’s not only gorgeous but well made (approximately 9 in. x 9 in.) and she also included a stitch market with a cowry shell progress keeper/charm wither lever clasp with a gold overlay. When I learned as a child that cowry shells were used as a currency in ancient times, I felt that their exotic beauty was still very valuable today. I have always admired artist that bring out the beauty in the shell’s structure and canvas like color. On the bag, I must admit the likeness of the faceless women to myself is what first drew my interested, but after receiving it I realize how well made it is with cotton materials and further adored the charm on the zipper and wristlet handle. I adore this bag.

And a little more about the Maker…

Not only is Caliesha an amazing designer, artist, and podcaster she is such a sweet and kind hearted person. She hunted down a sweater quantity of Just Yarn in the color Terra Cotta for me at her local Dollar Tree. Isn’t she the best! I really don’t feel like I deserve this kindness, but I will definitely accept her blessing. Thank you so much Caliesha if you’re reading this. There is more to add to the delivery of yarn. Yes, she also gifted me with a yarn I have been wanting to try for quite some time- Felici yarn from WeCrochet. It’s 50/50 super wash merino wool/ nylon, extremely soft, and a tightly twisted 2 ply spin. Springy, soft, and durable. Great for socks. Great stitch definition. Like I said, I really can’t thank her enough. What a Kind Soul! I completely for got to mention that she will be presenting at Rhinebeck this year. Best Wishes Caliesha!

Socktober Progress

What do I think of the Rundle Socks pattern by Deanne Ramsey? It’s a great pattern. No No, it’s perfect for anyone. Deanne is so thorough.

I have made it past the toe and into the sock and so far she has covered all the bases. I am very impressed at how she breaks down the pattern. I never thought pattern reading could be so simple. It’s hilarious how she corrects you before you make a mistake in the pattern as if she’s looking over your shoulder. I am really enjoying this pattern and hope you do too.

Little Bitty Delights Progress Keepers

Progress Keepers by Little Bitty Delights with designs of half bitten smores, pumpkin spice latte in pumplin shaped mug, and pumpkin spiced latte in tumbler with pumpkin emblem on front

Are you just as infatuated with minis as I am? I did not like Barbies as a child, but I surely loved my Polly Pocket. Yes, I love miniatures- mini anything deserves admiration in my opinion and Little Bitty Delights takes the cake. Or should I say take the smores? I am still as impressed as the first time I found these carefully crafted clay charms on Instagram. I wish I could buy them all! Each of the creator’s, Amanda, post are simply filled with delight. Whether she takes you on a stroll to in her neighborhood and settles in a quiet place to knit, or to the seaside with yarn, hook, and matching stitch marker or even watching her process in creating mini mason jars filled with sweet tea each post is sheer delight and I’ll pay a ticket for the ride.


Are you enjoying your Fall makes? What are you currently working on? I have so many WIPs and hope to share them with you very soon. Winter will be just around the corner. Are you plaining to use bulkier yarns or do you live in an area with milder temperatures?


Marquita Makes – Episode 21 : I Love Yarn Day 2021

Happy I LOVE YARN Day!!!

Happy I Love Yarn Day!!!

I shared a few goodies and new to me yarns in this episode.

Have you tried any new yarns lately? Working on a WIPs? Have finished objects?

Mentioned in this episode:

We Crochet Swish

I have found my new favorite yarn! Swish is ridiculously soft (fluffy cloud soft) and has superb stitch definition. This is a luxurious yarn. Not only is it super soft, but it also has a tight weave and no halo. I can tell that whatever fabric is made with this yarn will look good for a long time. I mean I still wouldn’t chance tossing this super wash merino wool in the wash and dryer, but it’s definitely very durable.

Boye Resin Hooks I hve high hopes for this hook. It’s available locally at JoAnn, looks so similar to the Furls crochet hooks, and is more than half the price. If you’re interested here’s the link:

We Crochet Stroll Tweed

I have no complaints about this yarn. It’s soft (merino soft not acrylic- cloud like soft) and strong. I just can’t get enough of tweed. I love the little flecks of extra texture. I do however have a request that it be provided in DK weight. I would prefer the DK weight on cold November days.

Premier Cottonwood Organic Cotton has all the texture and soft touch of pima cotton, and the many strands that make up this yarn gives extra pop to the stitch definition and great texture while not adding weight. So even with crochet, there is a decent drape and the fabric isn’t too heavy.

Universal Yarns Deluxe Bulky Superwash

Oooo Yes! It’s superwash and has BULK! I know I’m going to enjoy being able to quickly stitch up a project with this yarn. When working with smaller yarns I truly enjoy cleaning my palette with heavy yarns. It is not a merino wool, but it did not irritate my skin much. So, now I feel more adventurous in trying more super wash wools beyond merino wools.

Universal Yarns Bella Cashmere Universal if luxury had a name it would be Bella! As soon as I touched this yarn, I knew it was a not a premium but a supreme yarn. It’s blend of super wash merino, cashmere, and nylon is a delightful combination. I will enjoy making anything with this fingering yarn.

Yarns Fibra Natura Cotton True SportPima Cotton

Pima cotton is my favorite fiber. My experience with pima cotton has only been with the softest of their kind. They have typically been dk and sport weights. Now this Pima Cotton is soft but the tight spin on it doesn’t allow you to feel just how soft it is until the fabric is worked up. So don’t be fool by the first touch, it is no doubt a luxury yarn with a lovely drape.

Sock Blockers – Wire

Nirvana Fiber Arts: Bone Hooks

Joann: Big Twist Aracade:

Let’s Stay Connected:

Direct Message –

Want to donate towards a giveaway or support my craft?

Buy me a Ko-Fi.

De-stash Yarn for Sale:


I Love Yarn Day – October 9, 2021

How Do You Celebrate I Love Yarn Day?

I kicked off my celebration of ILYD this year with a GIVEAWAY for my YouTube subscribers. On this special day, I also plan to spend the day shopping in my favorite yarn store Thread Fabric and showing my yarn some love by working on current WIPs.

How Do you Plan to Celebrate I Love Yarn Day? I like that the craft yarn council gave 10 ways to do so. I hope to participate using some of the suggestions. You can view them here on their Instagram account and here below.

#1 Send a Gift to a Friend

#2 Take CYC Survey to share reasons why you Love Yarn (and be entered in a giveaway)

#3 Bury yourself in your Yarn Stash and post a picture using #iloveyarnday

#4 Buy New Yarn and Share your Haul with #iloveyarnday on social media

#5 Teach someone to knit, crochet, or other yarn craft

#6 Install a Yarn Bomb in your city

#7 Host a Crochet A Long or Knit A Long leading up to I Love Yarn Day

#8 Host a Yarn Swap Party with your Friends

#9 Go outside and knit or crochet in publix

#10 Post a pic on ILYD and use the hashtags #iloveyarnday and #humansthatyarn

I do hope you have the opportunity to share in this fun day and I can’t wait to see your hashtags!


Marquita Makes Episode 18: Three Colors Challenge Complete, Premier Just Yarn, FOs

Marquita Makes Episode 18 Youtube Episode

3 Color Challenge Asymmetrical Shawl – Complete

Progress photo for 3 Color Challenge

I am so excited to finally reveal my shawl from the 3 color challenge. I want to give another SHOUT OUT to Betsy of M.E., My Hook, and Dye for tagging me, I had so much fun making it! And Please be sure to follow Kim of Kim Wilpon Crafts to the progress of cardigan using the 3 yarns she selected and viewers voted on the pattern. Also, let’s give Kim out Best Wishes in her new production as an actress in Pride and Prejudice.

3 Color Challenge – Asymmetrical Shawl

Why did I enjoy this design so much? Because although it was a challenge to work fingering yarn with chunky/bulky yarns, I enjoyed trying different stitches and changing the pattern to complement each texture and weight of yarn. All of the yarns were discontinued but the texture experience makes them Legacy. YES, you read that correctly. I said Legacy! Big Twist Premium is super squishy and needs to be brought back for future crafters to enjoy it has such a lush feel and perfect fiber spin. It wasn’t splitty at all and so plush. Loops and Thread Woollike fingering was light and super fancy with a beautiful subtle sheen and ultra soft as well. I held it 4 stranded to get a compatible thickness to bulkier yarns. the The Hobby Lobby white Polyester yarn was so posh, but it’s discontinued as well. I type this with my lip poked out. I have said it once and will say it again: Every year crafters should be able to vote on which discontinued yarns should be brought back at least for one season.

Tea & Snacks

Lovely Candy Store Carmel Chews is now my favorite candy. I found the Pumpkin Spice Caramel chews at JoAnn Fabric and it taste like FALL. I haven’t been able to enjoy caramel candies in a very long time due to my corn and wheat intolerances. I high recommend all Pumpkin Spice lovers to try this yummy flavor. They did not skimp on quality at all. They are so delicious, and I will definitely be buying more (to stash at home) to gift to other PS/PSL lovers.

Celestial Seasonings White Chocolate Peppermint Tea Is a brand that you can find in most homes. Do you have a favorite tea from Celestial Seasonings? I have been enjoying this particular flavor while on the edge of summer, and about to fall into autumn. Do you have a favorite Fall/Winter tea? I have several and each year I build a stash that will last until the next season. I am so thankful that these teas seem to be a favorite of most and have been able to enjoy them for quite a few years now.

Premier Yarn at Dollar Tree – Just Yarn – Acrylic

Premier Just Yarn from Dollar Tree

I have truly been enjoying the Just Yarn Premier Yarn that I have found at the Dollar Tree. I shared quite a few beanies made with this yarn in the video that I will display in my Etsy shop. It’s a quality yarn despite being super cheap, but I am not surprised because that is part of the Premier brand. Every premier yarn that I have every purchased has been super soft, squishy, and spun perfectly. I also noticed that the yarn is lighter even with crochet which is denser. I appreciate this characteristic, because denser acrylic yarns aren’t as breathable here in the Alabama climate. It also offers a subtle sheen, little to no splitting, and a good stitch definition. I have truly enjoyed working with it.

Knotty Crush Beanie Design using Premier Just Yarn
Knotty Crush Beanie made with Premier Just Yarn
Knotty Crush Beanie Design using Premier Just Yarn

Also Mentioned in the video:

Lion Brand Oh Baby Organic yarn

Luna Fade Shawl Pattern by Detroit Knots

Everything Mary Knitting Bag – Yarning on the Go

Jimmy Beans Wool Bags & Accessories – Della Q Collection

Premier® Cotton Sprout™ – Premier Yarns

Willie Nillie Knits Purchase Yarn Direct Message

Personal Knitting Lessons 50% Sale Personal Knitting Classes with Willie Nillie Knits

I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned above and bought all mentioned items with my own money.


Marquita Make: Episode 17 Pumpkin Spice Everything

Fall is Coming! Whose Ready?

I know I am! I’m ready for pumpkin spice lattes and all the other Fall goodies that warm you up complementing the cool crisp air and crunchy auburn and ember colored leaves. My love for PSL season is evident in my finished objects and WIP. Yes, among the 5 finished objects in the YouTube I also share some of my favorite pumpkin spice treats and festive acquisitions. Also, all of us Whovians have been sitting on our hands all year waiting on the new season (and new doctor) to premier. Yes, I am a Whovian. I fell in love with Doctor Who

What’s in My Cup & New Nibbles:

Too Good Gourmet Pumpkin Spice Cookies If you’re looking for a gluten free and low carb or keto Fall snack you may love TGGPSC just as much as I do. I seriously can’t get enough of this soft backed cookies.

Teeccino Pumpkin Spice Herbal Coffee I share how easy it is to use a glass slow drip carafe to brew a highly flavorful cup of Teeccino Pumpkin Spic Latte. I also included Monk fruit and Nutpods Oat Creamer to make it complete sugar free and delicious. If you prefer not to brew with coffee maker. You can also steep this same great flavor of pumpkin spice in a traditional tea back by clicking on the following link Teeccino Pumpkin Spice Roasted Herbal Tea

3 Yarn Color Challenge – Project Chosen

The votes are in and we have a Winner! The project chosen for them 3 Color Challenge will be an Asymmetrical Shawl! Thank you for all the votes and I hope to start on it very soon. Be sure to check out Betsy of ME, My Hook, & Dye to see her finished object for the 3 Color Challenge. I can’t wait to see Kim Wilpon’s chosen project as well.

Giveaway – Universal Yarn – Finn

Universal Yarn – Finn 8 Donuts for GIVEAWAY Prize

I want to remind anyone who maybe interested that the GIVEAWAY for the Universal Finn Yarn (Click on the link to learn how to enter) will close Saturday August 28th 2021 at 4PM and the winner will be announced Sunday August 29th 2021.

Giveaway -Out of this World Beanie Pattern by Just Another Stitch

Before I share my work, I would like to announce a new knit pattern GIVEAWAY from Connie of Just Another Stitch that displays a colorwork beanie with an adorable alien character. I too enjoy Sci-Fi and share my love of Star Wars by wearing one of my favorite The Child T-shirts and a fun Doctor Who book that I recently purchased from a local thrift store. Are you a Sci-Fi fan?

On Again, Off Again the Hook Affair: Finished Objects & WIPs

Berroco Miss Priss Cowl from Yarn Tasting Kit

Now it was an absolute joy to work with the “bon bons” from the Berroco Yarn Tasting Kit that I purchased from Thread Fabric here in Florence, AL. I created the Miss Priss Cowl holding 4 strands of yummy Berroco yarns (Providence, Mantra, & Vibe ) My favorite of all the yarns was the Vibe. Although chunky, it was light, soft, cloud-like – it was shear magic! The Providence gave just the right amount of POP! with varying colors. I would definitely enjoying making a pull over with Vibe, a shawl with the Providence, and cardigan with the Mantra. This was a great experience. I look forward to working with more Berroco yarns.

Granny Square Beanie & Scarf

Yarns used for make the beanie and scarf were from the Sand, Sky, & Sea collection of Yarn & Stitches. I began this project initially only to make a granny square for National Granny Square Day, but from the encouragement of the Instagram maker community I went ahead and made a matching scarf. While I loved the hand dyed yarn (they were all very soft) being of premium grade super wash merino, I quickly learned that seaming granny squares together was something I never wanted to do again, and I only had about 6! Nope, It’s just not for me (at least not at this time in my life), but the yarns are so beautiful! My youngest daughter will surely enjoy this warm and fluffy set this winter season.

Infinite Hugs Scarf

I gifted my first infinity scarves using Red Heart Stellar yarns to beloved friends using and the yarn was discontinued soon after we exchanged gifts leaving me without the hope to make another for myself. So, I was so delighted to find Louisa Harding Primavera (Superwash merino/Bamboo blend 75/25) and EY Select Arenaria (Merino/Nylong blend 90/10) yarns at Tuesday morning. Holding these yarns quadruple strand I made an almost perfect substitution and now have a nice chunky super scarf that won’t overheat me like the acrylic. I am over the moon with the results and hope that you like it too. Have you also gifted a handmade gift that you long to remake for yourself? What was it? Please leave your experience in the comments below.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Cowl

This scrumptious cow was created holding 2 strands but with most yarns it would easily be a 1 skein wonder. I enjoyed using the merino single ply yarn from Flower Garden Yarns and and WeCrochet/Knit Picks Shadow in the color nutmeg to yield a delicious combination of colors that was inspired by pumpkin cheescake.

Lynn of Flower Garden Yarns is an indie dyer and whose colorways are inspired by natural and the simple delights in life. Working with her yarns is truly an indulgence- smooth, squishy, perfectly spun. It’s always worth the splurge for a handful of FGY happiness.

The Bunny Shawl/ Kerchief

I finished my sister’s shawlette/kerchief and using Masons Create Things yarn and named it after my sister. Her nickname is Bunny. I held 2 fingering weight strands double and added just a few openings in the stitches for peek-a-boo look. She has always favored peek-a-boo tops and so that knowledge inspired the look of this shawlette. I had thought of adding a bunny button (inspired by the white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland) in association with her nickname, but decided to keep it for a later project. It was a very easy make.

WIP – Pumpkin Pie Wrap

I can’t believe I currently have only one WIP, and keeping my progress is this adorable BB 8 stitch marker made by Chileanhands. Yes, it’s another project inspired by pumpkin season and particularly cheesecake. I’m still am not completely set on a design and will make adjustments to incorporate more open stitches and I work on it. The main yarn that I am using is Lion Brand Pound of Love in the color Pumpkin Spice, and the bobbles use Hobby Lobby Sugarland Cotton in the color Soft Gardenia.

Neighborhood Fiber Co. – Mystery Bag

I scored the BEST mystery bag from the Neighborhood Fiber Co. The bag contained a approximately 12 oz of ORGANIC Merino fingering weight wool in SINGLE PLY (My favorite!) The 2 larger hanks were labeled as 475 yards each and the smaller hanks together feel about 100 grams. The price was $50 (and I believe the shipping was free) Besides being soft, I really appreciate the spin on this yarn. The stitches are gonna be Magnificient!! Single Ply yarn is my most favorite because no matter how you work up stitches they are gonna pop! I was over the moon when I pulled the colorways out of the bag. It’s like they knew exactly what I love.

*** Please note that you are encouraged to message the company about colors that you favor or dislike for your the Mystery Bag

Scraptastic Yarn – Jane Wynn Project Bag

I adore my new project bag from Jane Wynn Designs aka Scraptastic yarn. I don’t have many project bags for my crochet, and have been looking for one like this for quite some time. I love it! If you’re interested check out Jane’s Etsy shop It was such a great price and very well made. Just perfect for the fall season.

Measurements: This lovely fall bag is a take on the Red truck featuring Blue and White trucks in a fall scene. Bags measure approximately 13 inches wide by 14 1/2 inches tall. 4 inch depth. Zippered notions pouch measures 8 inches wide by 6 inches tall.


TL Yarn Crafts Omar Wrap – Canceled

TL Yarn Craft Omar Wrap – is a no go. The acrylic in the pattern works up too think to be worn in this Alabama weather. We have all the seasons but the temperatures really don’t stay cold enough to appreciate the heat trapping ability of acrylic. So, I will be looking for another pattern to use with the Red Heart Soft in the color Cinnabar and Lion Brand Landscapes.

New Patterns for the New Season

I may have gone a bit over board, but I grabbed all my Malabrigo yarns from my stash and found patterns for them that I hope to complete next month. In my defense, I have gifted away almost all my shawls and plan to replace them all and KEEP them. Here is a list of the patterns I’ve chosen.

Sis Homemade – SisLove Half Circle *FREE Pattern I will be using my yarn from Malabrigo in the colors Cian, Solis, & Piano

Talia’s Crochet CreationsGenesis Fringe Scarf I am still looking for a yarn similiar to the recommended yarn in the pattern.

Detroit KnotsLuna Fade Shawl I will use Malabrigo yarn for 2 shawls. The first will have the colors: Frank Orche, Diana, and Lettuce. The second will use the colors 100 Single Lot, Terracotta, and Ginger)

Mandobug – Asymetrical Shawl *FREE Pattern

Free Youtube tutorial

I will use Malabrigo yarn in the colors Single Lot, Light of Love, and Fuschia.


Marquita Makes – Episode 16: Queenie Crochet Sweater Weather MAL, Hobbi Yarn, Designs by Yasmen, FO

Marquita Makes – Episode 16 – Cerebral Tea – Hobbi Yarn – WIPs

Honey It’s Fall Sweater – FINISHED!

Honey It’s Fall Sweater – Inspired by the Bee Hive Beanie

Yay!! I am so thrilled to have it finished the Honey It’s Fall sweater. I absolutely love the colors! I mentioned before that stripped yarns are may favorite variegated/ multi-colored yarns, and I don’t think I could’ve found a prettier colorway. You can see me wearing the sweater in the latest episode of Marquita Makes, but I didn’t keep it on too long, because the 20% non-superwash wool really gives me the itchies. I am thankful that after a few cycles in the washing machine it will no longer be an issue. Now, on a sour note, I didn’t realize until after I blocked the sweater that I installed the armholes too soon. So, I made a note of it in my maker’s planner/journal. If you are a crocheter does this happen to you? Have you found a good recipe to work a ragland sweater top down? I’d appreciate any recommendation.

Queenie Crochet Sweater Weather MakeALong

I didn’t mention it in the video to keep the timing short, but I have been reflecting on my first experience of participating in a MAL! Previously, I purposely avoided CALs because I didn’t think I could keep up with the progression. So, when Tracie of Queenie Crochet announced that she would have her first MAL I was a bit reluctant but decided that this was the best time. Why? Well, it was open to any fiber art, no pattern need, and 3 months to complete the project- PERFECT! I needed this FREEDOM and still had the benefits of supporting and bonding with other crafters- oh the possibility of winning hand dyed yarn. I have made friends for LIFE through this one MAL. So, I look forwarded to joining in more. It was a great first experience.

Hobbi Yarn Haul

My Hobbi Yarn Haul

Why did I try Hobbi? Well, I had so much fun during the collab of Youtubers Mandobug (Amanda) and Unapologetically Mocha (Kim) on July 31st for Stitch Saturday in which they reviewed a yarn from Hobbi that I thought I’d have a little Hobbi Yarn tasting myself. My taste in yarns is very similiar to theirs and they had both purchased and shared their thoughts on Hobbi’s rainbow yarn. This was just what I needed. I had already heard so many great things about Hobbi, but had yet to make the purchase.

I purchased the Rainbow yarn as well and was very pleased with it. I chose this yarn because I had been looking for years for a set of ROY-G-BIV cotton yarn to make a tank top. Hobbi’s yarn can be compared to the new Peaches and Creme line of cotton yarn. Both have a tighter spin and softer texture than Lily’s Sugar and Creme yarns.

Cotton Merino and Happy Sheep was a bit more disappointing. I had selected these yarns because they were listed as superwash merino wools. Despite this description both yarns cause me to itch a lot and I wasn’t surprised because the texture was on the rustic side.

Gratitude – Designs By Yasmen

Custom Crochet Earrings by Designs By Yasmen

I shared a pair of earrings by Designs By Yasmen in the video, but I want to tell you a little more about my beautiful friend. Just before the month of July ended, Yasmen sensed my discouragement in learning to knit particularly the stockinette stitch. After 2 hours, the power of prayer (I was really struggling), and some good laughs she was able to help me over Zoom to successfully work up a stockinette swatch. Every since, I have been filled with so much gratitude. The months of August and September hold a very busy schedule for me. So, I just knew that learning to knit would have to take the back burner and hopefully I would be able to pick it up in a few months. But Yasmen came to the rescue. She has the patience of Job, nonjudgmental, and your biggest cheerlearder. It was a humbling experience, and I left our session with confidence and a new friend. Thank you so much Yasmen!

What’s in My Cup

Cerebral Tee – Anxiety Relief

I am that person on Instagram that gets suckered in by the advertisements and one that intrigued me for some time was the Cerebral Tea company. This husband and wife team are down to earth, also so CHILL, and share a story of discovery and recovery that really pulled at my heartstrings. Their tea company was established to share a blend of anxiety reducing tea and methods with those still in search of a relief that proved to relieve the wife’s intense anxiety symptoms.. I was very impressed by this couple’s love of people in which they show weekly during their Instagram Lives, Giveaways, and weekly posts. They are also so helpful in answering questions to the public, recommending credible resources, and emphasizing the need to heal with constructive self-talk along with the herbal remedy. So, I subscribed to their website and during a limited time promo to receive $11 a bag (regular $25) I thought I would give this immune and alkaline boosting tea a try. (The following information is not to be used in diagnosis illness or ailments. Please consult with your practitioner for medical advice).

I followed the instructions and patiently waited 20 minutes until the brewing time was complete before sipping on the 7-blend tea. The flavor is herbal consisting of Blue Vervain, Burdock, Sasparilla Root, Elderberry, Feverfew, Dandelion root, & Fennel seeds. and can be described as medicinal but not astringent. While I’m sure some would probably enjoy a teaspoon of honey added, I chose to forgo this option and drink it as is. I have drank it even more often since I have been feeling under the weather in hopes that it helps to boost the immune system.

Mentioned in this Episode:

April of Masons Create Things Yarn

Masons Create Things Yarn of the Month Club

Lyn of Flower Garden Yarn

Flower Garden Yarns

Marquita Makes: Episode 15 Teamoy Bag, WIPs, Berroco Yarn, WIPs, Ukiyo Tea Infuser

In this Episode…

Giveaway Reminder– I am so excited that in just a few days the winner of the GIVEAWAY will be announced. I absolutely love yarn shopping for giveaway prizes and sharing the extra goodies that will be included. I have asked YouTube subscribers for their yarn preferences and have gotten feedback that has completely changed how I will shop for future giveaways. I hope to include a variety of yarns that are not typically found in big box stores like JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels. While that could mean that there will not be stacks on stacks of hanks in each giveaway it will be an excellent opportunity to try new yummy yarns from local vendors and indie dyers. If this is something that interests you please let me know in your comments/email. The opportunity to enter ends Saturday July 31st, 2021 at 4PM CST and the WINNER will be announced Sunday August 1st at 4PM CST. See Episode 14 for the rules on entering and join in the fun!


Project Bags – I often see character themed and other super cute project bags on the web, and noticed that many crafters not only own several bags but are totally obsessed with them and I totally get it. Oh Yes, I’m in that boat too. I have quite a few myself. Some are in the form of canvas bags, but I even have a few reusable shopping bags from JoAnn that I use for projects. My favorite bags are the Teamoy Review & Features of the Teamoy Knitting Bag as yarn storage & crochet hooks – YouTube which I found on Mercari at a good deal, but it can also be found on Amazon, and the Namaste bag from Jimmy Bean Wool (it has been replaced recently with the brand Della Q Here is a review from the owner Maker’s Canvas Bags – della Q Maker’s Roll Top! – YouTube). Do you hoard project bags like yarn? Have a favorite bag?

Jimmy Bean Wool Namaste Maker’s Bag – Vegan Leather – Discontinued
Namaste Bag Holds a Large Sweater with Extra Yarn & Notion


Honey It’s Fall Sweater – I have become a bit burnt out on this sweater because the size of yarn is a 3 light (and I previously finished a top with fingering weight), but there is no way I am giving up now especially after searching for a month to find one cake of Lion Brand Wool-Ease DK Cake in order to start on the sleeves. Currently, I am in the home stretch of this project with half of the first sleeve done.

I do not plan on sharing progress pictures until after it’s complete and blocked, and I haven’t completely decided on the details of the sleeve. I over decreased then increased stitches to create a bell sleeve look but I haven’t made up my mind if I want to create a cuff around the wrist or stick with the bell sleeve. Going with a cuff if will give a puffed look to the sleeve, but I am leaning toward a bell sleeve at the moment. I hope to have it completed by July 31st so I can join in the cast off party with Queenie Crochet ending the Sweater Weather MAL. I have really enjoyed working on these 3 projects during this time and have such good memories of making new friends in the MAL group.

Summer Project – I have had crochet shower poufs/ sponges in my que for about 3 years. So, while working on the Honey It’s Fall sweater, I decided it would be a great project to take a break from it but keep my crojo going. So, I grabbed some Peaches & Creme cotton yarn from last year’s Walmart Clearance sale and found a tutorial by Sara’s Innovations Shower Sponge Tutorial Shower Sponge/Scrub | Bath Pouf Loofah | Crochet Free Pattern | Sara’s Innovations – YouTube. Well, I was inspired after I put my own twist on it and made a how-to video that you can view it here How To Crochet A Bath Pouf – Cotton Yarn Projects – Summer Crochet – Easy Crochet Gifts – YouTube

I have really enjoyed churning out these cotton bath poufs as gifts for friends and family. They are such a quick and easy make. I also plan to make more in in a thinner yarn. One of my Instagram friends suggested using the Paint Box cotton yarns stating that they dry faster. That company is new to me and I plan to check them out soon. In the meantime, I just happened to stop by Walmart and cruise down the yarn aisle and noticed that Peaches & Creme had some fresh new colors for summer in what seems to be a lighter size 4 weight with a tighter twist. Hey they had given their labels a facelift. I really liked the overall new look and softer texture of this yarn. So, I picked up a pair of cakes in my sister’s favorite colors (Shhh, don’t tell her it’s a secret). Have you worked up bath poufs? I’d love to hear what yarns you used and your process in making them.

What’s In My Cup?

First let’s talk about my “cup” featured in the video. When I tried UKIYO Tea Infuser Bottle, I knew I had to share with the world how AWESOME it is and its practicality. This thick walled, glass bottle was crafted with a Japanese inspired design. It holds 7 oz. and fits nicely in your hand. It’s great for on-the-go tea or fruit-infused drinks, and easy to clean. Teas and snacks are essential during my crafting sessions at home and on-the-go and the Ukiyo bottle has complemented my lifestyle helping me to be more mindful and present while giving the opportunity to reflect and express gratitude.

My current summer favorite tea is the Berry Bunch flavor from The Vegan Variety: Sacred Tea Time. I am so proud to announce that the owner LaQuita was able to re-evaluate the cost of production and reduce the prices of her delicious hand-crafted teas to $8 per tin. This is an incredible deal! Have you had the opportunity to try her teas? If you haven’t already, the sampler pack is available including 4 teas, 1 tea infuser, and a gold plated spoon. The previous giveaway winner won this sample pack and I hope to include this brand in future giveaways to share its yummy flavors with you.

Happenings in the Fiberspace

Crochet Academy with TL Yarn Crafts – I was so excited to see that that Toni was giving us a complete break down of how to read a pattern. I was hoping that there would be a video but she provided lots of information that you can find here TL Yarn Crafts – How to Read Crochet Patterns for Total Beginners | TL Yarn Crafts ( Reaching this point means that next week we will begin the patterns! I will be working on the Omar Wrap. I will share my progress on the blog and hope that you too will be joining in the fun of the Crochet Academy.

Inspiration in the crafting community – I was listening to a KopyKali‘s podcast while working on the Honey It’s Fall sweater, and she said something I needed to hear, “Writing Patterns is SUPER EASY…There is no wrong way to write a pattern…Do not worry about stitch count…it is better to be size inclusive.”

I would love to start sharing patterns of my work, and with this encouragement I know in just a short time of learning abbreviations and completing the Crochet Academy I will be able to do so. You see her comments are such a great example of why I love our maker community so much. As we build ourselves up, we in turn uplift each other- ONE LOVE!

More Fiber Artists, Yarn, & Patterns mentioned in this episode:

Shop at my Local Yarn Store: Thread Fabric Store

Phanessa – Crochet and Knit Designs Free Pattern Regan Slouch Beanie

Fiber Spider Granny Merge Shawl

Sis Love Shawl – Free Pattern Ravelry: SisLove Half Circle pattern by SisHomemade

SheTriedIt – Avoiding Crafting Burnout

Distinctive CrochetCommunity Board

Kristy Glass

Berroco Yarn – Modern Cotton DK & Medina

Ready for Fall, PSL, and Cozy Makes

(This blog entry will focus mainly on providing links to products mentioned in video)

Ugly Sweater Hat by That Cozy Fox

I enjoyed joining the Ugly Sweater Hat Pattern CAL by Katie of That Cozy Fox this month and her free tutorials on YouTube. I used Premier’s Just Yarn from the Dollar Store and couldn’t be more pleased with the stitch definition, softness, and rich colors. I haven’t committed to making all the beanies I have in mind, but I hope to gift many of them this year.

WIP #1 Berroco Sock Yarn – Quita’s Vanilla Socks

Berrocco Sock Yarn is a so warm and has not split using my metal knitter’s pride hook. I’ve been having a lot of fun working up my own vanilla recipe for crochet socks. I’m using the simplest stitches (sc, dc, and hdc, ch, decrease st, and increase st).

Earthtones Girl- Falling Leaves KAL

EarthtonesGirl – Falling Leaves KAL Video

I will be joining Denise for my second set of crochet socks this month for her Falling Leaves KAL. Denise is known for her amazing, knitted socks and welcomes crocheters to join her KAL. I don’t want to spoil the surprise in her video, but let’s just say that I set an reminder and alarm for her latest shop update. #fallingleavessockkal2022

Mona’s Thick and Thin Scarf with Fringe

I used Knit Collage sampler kit – Orche Twist

WIP #2 – Fall Spice Sweater – Freestyle

Swish yarn – WeCrochet or had a Swish sale 20% off plus another 10% off

Allspice is the exact color of orange that I wanted for this sweater. I’m all about pumpkin spice lattes, cinnamon, and apple flavors for fall. As of 9-14-22 there is currently a sale on Bulky Swish.

Accessories mentioned:

Jane Wynn of the YouTube channel Scraptastic Yarns – Blue Pick Up Truck with Pumpkins and matching notion pouch. Very well made with drawstrings but no pockets.

Furls 4 mm – Galaxy Andromeda with sweater using swish Dk weight.

Mushroom resin tin from Firefly purchased from Papercrane Yarns

Future Projects and Acquisitions

The Poncho and Yarns

  1. Vidalana gifted from Roshelle
  2. Essence of Autumn – Canadian Dyer – BFL Sock – Pearl of Cortez
  3. Paper Crane yarns – Clay Pot

The Eclectic Jumper from Inside Crochet using Swish Yarn

Upcoming Giveaway

Our MMKC community is now 600+ strong and that’s all thanks to you. I will begin collecting items for the 700 subscriber.

Thanks for Viewing!

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